Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veteran's Day

Today, November 11th, is Veteran's Day.

It's important that we remember that.

It's important that we take time today to reflect on those brave men and woman who have served and are serving in our armed forces.

I've sung her praises before, but in my opinion, there is no better way to honor this day than to read this post entitled "Thoughts on Veteran's Day" from Ramblings from the outside of nowhere.

As always, it is beautifully written and passionate.

Thank you to her and to all veterans. Thanks to them on this day and every day.

UPDATE: I just read another incredible post that also honors this day and one of the brave soldiers who fought for our country. Please visit Thomas MacEntee's post entitled, "Kenny's Choice: A Veteran's Day Tribute" from Destination: Austin Family.


Thomas MacEntee said...

Thanks Stephen so much for all your posts and especially your Veteran's Day post.

Over the past few days I've seen so many blogs from LGBT men and women posting about Veteran's Day and thanking all veterans for their service and sacrifice.

Isn't it sad that these same people are turned away from service if they are honest with themselves and society about who they really are?

Stephen Rader said...

Thomas - Thank YOU for your beautiful post yesterday. It is sad that gays and lesbians are encouraged to lie in such a place of honor. There are times when I think we have so much, but when I think about the many things we are denied, I realize we have a long way to go.

Hope all is well with you.