Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good Morning

"Good morning starshine
The earth says hello
You twinkle above us
We twinkle below..."

Speaking of twinkling below, sure there's no fitted sheet and the mattress is laying on the (exquisitely) tiled floor, but you know it's a good morning when you wake up with a man like this and the first thing he does is start getting out of his tighty-whities.

I would prefer it if he would sleep in nothing but that smile, but hey, I'm easy.

Very easy. Please, make sure he knows that.

"Gliddy glub gloopy
Nibby nabby noopy
La la la lo lo..."


Steven said...

Oh I would just hate to havce any stains appear directly on the mattress. You know how the rumors fly when you put an old mattress at curbside for garbage pick-up. ;-)

Catty Bitch said...

True, true, Steven. As Aunt Barbara says in her "Modular Mates" video, "I have a nosy neighbor named Ruth...but she's none the wiser..."

Stephen Rader said...

Steven - I would only gossip if there WEREN'T any stains on a used mattress. :)

catty bitch - You got me there! I must defer to Aunt Barbara. I love my Aunt Barbara!

Michael said...

I would stain three mattresses and put them on my porch for that boy.......

Aaron said...

Wow...he certainly makes it "Easy To Be Hard," doesn't he...? :-)

Stephen Rader said...

Michael - Put them on my porch and light it with three specials to make SURE the neighbors see the stains, baby.

Aaron - "Easy To Be Hard," indeed.

Mark in DE said...

Wow, I would set my alarm to wake up in time to see this hottie waking up! I'm lovin' that scuffy-face look, too. Yowzah!!!

THANK YOU for the 'Good morning' feature on your blog, Stephen Rader.


just me said...

Just give me five minutes, that's all I want, five minutes....I'll kiss him all over like his mama never did....HA

Java said...

Oh I like what I see lying on that mattress! But please put a sheet on the mattress. The stuff they use to cover mattresses is so uncomfortable. Give me 100% cotton sheets, at least 250 thread count.

Stephen Rader said...

Mark - You're welcome! I'm going to have to think up a bunch of "Good Morning" songs, though. My current list of 'em is way too short for pictures this hot!

just me - Okay, that made me laugh out loud!! You got him! And screw five minutes, I'll give you five days!!! Hell, make a week of it!!

Java - I don't need thread count minimum for my sheets with that boy. I don't sheets. Hell, I don't need the mattress. Just bring him on!