Monday, November 05, 2007

"Bash: The Democrat Debate" - by Neil LaBute

This just in from Jon Stewart from THE DAILY SHOW.

After showing clips from last week's Democratic Presidential Debate where nearly every man running for the Office of President decided to attack Senator Hillary Clinton at each and every turn, Jon said...

"And that's the night in a nutshell. Everybody who was not Barack Obama taking turns berating one woman. It was like the most boring Neil LaBute play ever!"

And when a rather vocal section of the audience laughed HARD at that comment, Jon chuckled and said...

"Hey, look at that. A couple of drama majors over in the corner there. Everybody else could give a shit about that joke."

Leil LaBute jokes? Does it GET more random? No, and I couldn't love it more!


supertiff said...

i almost fell out of my chair laughing.
i love me some john stewart.

Stephen Rader said...

supertiff - Yep, those of us who get that joke LOVE that joke. And love Jon Stewart. He's dreamy... :)