Thursday, November 29, 2007

Belinda Carlisle, Crotch and Bea Arthur: The Homo Trinity

Check out the pics from Hydrate on the night Season of Concern's Disco Ball event.

These are currently being featured in Nightspots.

Y'all, I'm in the "Pictures of Gay Boys Out and About" section of a gay. At 37. And I don't own a white belt sport a faux-hawk. There's hope for me yet!

Thanks to Thomas for telling me about this.

The SOC pictures are the top four.

Yes, that's Belinda Carlisle.

Yes, she still dances like that.

No, she's not pregnant.

Yes, I'm her bitch.

That's all I can say.

And Kirk - - otherwise known as "hey, i'm that guy from the magazine" - - wrote a little blurb about me in his section of Nightspots...

"Good to see Miss Stephen Rader at Hydrate for the Disco Ball to benefit Season of Concern. Diligent little paparazzi that we are, both CFP’s Dave and I got there too late for the show, but we caught plenty of spectacle afterwards. Stephen is pushing for a resurgence of that classic ol’ Nightspots nugget Crotch or Bea Arthur. It may need a new twist. Be on the lookout for your next installment of Armpit or Rue McClanahan coming soon to a bar rag near you."

What is "Crotch or Bea Arthur?," you ask? Well, for quite a few months, you would be flipping through your weekly Nightspots mag and on a random page, you would find two pictures placed side by side - - one of Bea Arthur and one of a crotch - - with a simple caption that asked, "Crotch or Bea Arthur?"

It's an age-old question, really.

That small portion of one page of the mag looked something like this...

Crotch or Bea Arthur?

Kirk came up with the idea and I think he should receive a Nobel for it. What could possibly surpass "Crotch or Bea Arthur?"

"Armpit or Rue McClanahan?" Maybe, but Kirk, may I submit...

Treasure Trail or Betty White?


yinyang said...


In related news, I saw this article and thought of you.

Aaron said...

I love your submission! Alternately, you could ask:

"Leather purse or Adrienne Barbeau?"


Your pics are lovely! And 37 is NOTHING (says the 39-year-old).

Thomas MacEntee said...

37? Christ, I have clothes older than you.

I take Betty White for the block. While treasure trails are nice indeed, they are diez centavos a una docena compared to Betty White.

Who else could roast William Shatner, talk about attending his wedding and catching the bouquet, and then turn to George Takei on the platform and say "and I went to your wedding and caught a cockring."

I loves me some Betty.

JOE * to * HELL said...

someone find that topless photo of betty!!!!!

Stephen Rader said...

yinyang - Thanks! I love the article. Anything to get more people to use a condom is brilliant.

Aaron - Any man who loves Adrienne Barbeau is a man I love! And 39 looks cute as Hell on you.

Thomas - Betty White on the Shatner Roast proved that she's not only still got it, she's always had it!!

joe*to*hell - I'm on it!!

Mark in DE said...

My choices: Crotch and Tresure trail. Sorry to disappoint.

Question for Stephen Rader: Do you think they actually KNEW at the time they were filming it how fabulous "Golden Girls" was? I still watch the re-runs.

Mark :-)

Thomas MacEntee said...

I've seen that photo of Betty.

She used to be a 36C and now she's a 44 Long

Stephen Rader said...

Mark - I think they knew. What a hit that was. And when you think about it, they were about the same age then as Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton are now. Not "golden" or old at all.

Thomas - And still fierce! :)

yinyang said...

Glad you liked it. As a follow-up, here's two articles with pictures.

Doug said...

OMG, are we a cute couple or what? Thanks for posting! What fun it was!

That whole discussion about Crotch / Bea Arthur that night was hysterical... and the post about here was even funnier.

Continue to rock us, Mr. Rader!

P.S. Don't miss my upcoming post about NYC and a certain porn star.

Anonymous said...

Those are some tough choices. I do love Bea and Betty.

Stephen Rader said...

YinYang - Thanks!! You're the best!

Doug - We are cuties, aren't we? And seriously? I rock?!? Me who loves Merman? I ROCK?!? I love that!!!

Uprightguy - I'm for Bea and Betty... all the way... until Treasture Trail boy there, comes into the picture, and then Betty's got to go. :)

Chus said...

This is what I think: Betty White