Friday, November 09, 2007

Fratboy Friday

Fratboy Friday, anyone?

Here are this week's...


Those two pics are from a blog that I love named Dudes in Caps. It's a specialty site of sorts. Like Cats That Look Like Hitler. Except instead of cats, it features guys and instead of mustaches, they wear caps. Other than that, it's exactly the same.



I wonder, if my mother had purchased boxers for me instead of briefs when I was boy, would my "Special Purpose" hang low and flippity-flop like that? Damn!

And he knows it, too. I love a cocky bastard. Especially when they are actual bastards.

I love how he's carrying around his football helmet. So that you know he's on the football team. He left his shirt, his keys and the towel boy who blows him every Friday in his buddy's car, but the helmet - - "Oh no, dude. I better take this with me!"



After you've taken in all the boy butt in this picture, notice the homo in the white shirt and pink flip-flops. He's walking AWAY from the straight boys and their exposed asses.

Girl, you don't WALK AWAY from that, you walk TOWARDS that and shout..

"Buffet! Buffet!"



Sure, we don't SEE any alcohol in the picture, but this dude does look half-in-the-bag with his shorts around his ankles. Was he going commando?

One piece of advice, dear: Don't get too close to that hot iron when your junk is hanging out like that. Unless you're into that sort of thing.


just me said...

Well, sometimes they do look pink and wrinkled.

Stephen Rader said...

just me - They sure do! But you know, I'm a beggar, so I'm not one to complain! :)

cb said...

Perhaps it should have been called "boys in really fugly caps"? Really, do white boys wear that shit?

Stephen Rader said...

cb - Oh, they do. Don't you have any white boy wannabe's up in there? :)

Mark in DE said...

Yowzah! Loved that mooners shot, and I really laughed over your suggested caption "Buffet!"


Stephen Rader said...

Mark - Thanks!! If that sight was laid out (so to speak) in front of me, that is EXACTLY what I would say!!