Monday, November 12, 2007

Season of Concern & World AIDS Day

Hopefully, those of you who are a part of the Chicago theatre community have already received an email from Season of Concern about this, but I wanted to take a moment to ask for everyone's support during the upcoming holiday season as we raise funds in honor of World AIDS Day.

This time of year is most crucial for my organization. We raise almost (if not considerably more than) half of our entire year's budget between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve.

In those five weeks, the vast assortment of Chicago theatres - - including The Goodman, Steppenwolf, Victory Gardens, Hell in a Handbag, Northlight, The Royal George, Porchlight Music Theatre and so many others - - take the time after their performances to ask their audiences for donations to Season of Concern.

Or certain casts will choose to make personal donations to Season of Concern in honor of the Opening Night of their production in lieu of Opening Night gifts.

Others choose to add a Special Benefit Performance of their show where the actors work for free and all of the proceeds go directly to Season of Concern.

In this grass roots response to the AIDS crisis, hundreds and hundreds of Chicago theatre artists work together to raise funds to help those in our community experiencing the effects of catastrophic illness.

And I am proud to say that through Season of Concern, the Chicago theatre community has awarded over Two Million Two Hundred Twenty-six Thousand, Six Hundred and Eighty-eight Dollars ($2,226,688.00) to Thirty-five different direct-care AIDS service organizations and programs over the past 21 years.

If you're in Chicago and can help us raise funds, please contact me. And if you would like to make a donation to Season of Concern, simply visit our web site.

Thanks, guys. We're really making a difference.


Aaron said...

I still want to do a volunteer service day wtih you you need help mailing/stuffing/licking (well, maybe not with that LAST part, eh? ;-)), etc.? Let me know when I can help, and I'll alert my bosses--if it's a 501c3, we can donate a day of service. I'm taking vacation during the next two weeks, but will be able to help out right after that if needed.

Stephen Rader said...

Aaron - You are the greatest. Thank you so much. We are a 501(c)3, so I will take you up on your generous offer. Let's talk soon and work out all the details.

the joy said...

Congrats. I am hella far from Chicago, but what you are doing is great. Its wonderful.

supertiff said...

what kind of volunteering could i do? i can donate money of course, but i have a lot more time than i have money.
i don't live in chicago, but i have friends and family there, and it's less than a four hour drive.
it would really be a highlight of my holiday season if i could work out a way to help.
let me know, either here or you can email me:

Stephen Rader said...

the joy - Thank you so much for your kind words. I am always amazed at the Chicago theatre community's generosity and their support of Season of Concern's mission. The work they do on our behalf is truly wonderful.

supertiff - That is so kind of you. Let's be in contact over the next week and see what we can come up with. Your offer to volunteer is extremely generous. Thank you!!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Good work Stephen and good luck!

Stephen Rader said...

Whim - Thank you! You're the greatest. :)