Thursday, November 22, 2007

Love & Best Dishes

It's a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

It's lightly snowing here in Chicago, Dolly Parton was on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and my apartment is filled with the smell from my oven - - the signature dish I bring to every potluck - - Paula Deen's Corn Casserole.

Which, in certain circles is now known as Rader's Corn Pie.

(Yankees know nothing about corn casserole, apparently.)

I'm staying in town for the holiday and I've had several invitations from friends to celebrate Thanksgiving with them, but since my friend Eric is only a short bus ride away, I'm going to eat with him and his family, then come back home and watch last night's PROJECT RUNWAY one more time.

Sarah Jessica Parker, y'all. Sarah friggin' Jessica Parker!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. And as Paula always says...
"I wish you Love and Best Dishes from my kitchen to your's."


the joy said...

Happy thanksgiving! Yeah, I've lived in Atlanta half my life and the Connecticut in me is asking what the hell a casserole really is. Now you might say the same thing about my mother's veggetarian stuffing...

Shirley Heezgay! said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Stephen!

..."from my kitchen to yerrs... "

love it!

I'm going to go watch her right now!

Stephen Rader said...

The Joy - Who know what a casserole really is - - just give me seconds!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Shirley Heegay - I'm so glad you love Paula, too! She's my idol!! :)

Steven said...

Back atcha, Stephen with the Thanksgiving wishes! It was a short hop and jump to Thanksgiving festivities. Back home now letting the tryptophan settle in.

Not that Type of Raven said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

just me said...

oh shit, I just got the play on words of Shirley Heezgay.....older people...what to do with us?

I had collard greens, tater salad, (no not Ron White, though that would have been much better), and smoked ham. (And I don't mean Dana Carvey in a barbeque pit!)

Hope your day was the best, Stephen.

supertiff said...

oh. fucking. no.

i'm in park city with my fam for the holiday, and i totally forgot about progect runway.
and SJP was on?
oh hell no.

oh well.
my uncle bought me a new coach bag, so if i can catch a rerun all will be well.

happy thanksgiving!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Hope you had a delish turkey day. I am a damn yankee and am in need of some schoolin' about your Rader corn casserole, me thinks.

btw, I heart SJP~

Mark in DE said...

OMG, Paula Deen's corn casserole is a Thanksgiving favorite in our family! In fact, it is my default potluck dish too. I've never met anyone who hasn't LOVED it.

We're like twin brothers, Stephen Rader!!!

Mark :-)

Thomas MacEntee said...

Okay - I have to admit, and I could lose my gay card for this, Ms. Paula don't do it for me. Her sons do (oh man!) but her, no. I know Southern cooking and I know some great Southern cooks.

I've seen Ms. Deen make a mean Brunswick Stew. But I lost faith when I saw her make a peanut butter pie - the first straw was "start with a frozen pie crust" and the last straw was when she wanted to serve ice cream with it ("to cut the sweetness") and pulls out the cheapo 10 gallon plastic tub of Sweet Tooth that you get at Wal-Mart.

Doug said...

I must agree with Thomas regarding the frozen pie crust thing. I pride myself on making three pies from scratch every year: pumpkin, pecan, and apple-cranberry. I abhor the use of frozen pie crusts.

However, I do loves me some Paula. I love the fact that she always insists on using lots of "buttah."

It's the day after Thanksgiving, and I'm still in a bit of a food coma. Happy day, Stephen! See you tonight!

Catty Bitch said...

Hope you had a great TGD.

Don't forget to call me. I'm gonna be out for a minute.

TigerYogiji said...

That recipe sounds faaaabulous!

Kristie said...

Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving!

Aaron said...

Belated holiday wishes Stephen! I hope you had a great time...

Stephen Rader said...

Steven - Gotta love that tryptophan! Hope you had a great holiday.

Raven - Hope you had a happy one, sweetie.

Just Me - Collard greens! Damn, I wish I had had me some of those this year! And I'm with you - - I'll take some Ron White any day! Hope your holiday was the best!

Supertiff - Oh. Fucking. Yes! I hope by now you've see SJP on PR. It was THE BEST!!

Rick - Trust me, once you've had my / Paula's corn casserole, nothing is ever quite the same.

Mark - I love that you bring Paula's corn casserole to potlucks, too!! It's the ultimate, isn't it? And yes, we have to have been separated at birth!

Thomas - Okay, I see your point, but you have to understand - - I'm not just Southern, I'm white trash. And something inside me tells me that Paula is, too! Which is why I love her and her Wal-mart ice cream! :)

Doug - Pies from scratch?!? That new beau of your's needs to understand that you, Sir, are a CATCH!!!

Catty Bitch - It was great to see you on Friday! Let's get together for cocktails soon!

tigeryogiji - It is!! You have to try it. It's simple and heavenly!

Kristie - Hope your's was awesome, too!!

Aaron - Same to you, Aaron. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

cb said...

I love how everyone went apeshit for SJP on Project Runway.

The woman has shitty fashion sense.

If I were designing for "Bitten", I'd take my original design, shorten the hem, and then make it fit like shit.

SJP would love it then. ANd she did, with the outfit she chose as the winner.

Stephen Rader said...

cb - Yikes! Okay, obviously I need to watch PROJECT RUNWAY with you! Or we need to be on the phone and watch it simultaneously. I would SO love that!

Shirley Heezgay! said...

Frozen pie crusts or not...
Have you seen the DIAMONDS!!!!

She IS white trash at heart! Only a southern girl from nothing would bread a steak with her rings on!

Stephen Rader said...

Shirley Heezgay - Ain't that the truth! And I love show she says that she'd rather have her diamond rings a bit dirty on her hand than clean and LOST!!! Gotta love her!!!