Friday, November 23, 2007

Fratboy Friday

That post-Thanksgiving tryptophan got you down? Well, Fratboy Friday might get you back up.

And if not, it will definitely give you something other than "visions of sugar plums" to dance in your head during your dreams.

Here's this week's...

If this is what awaited you at the laundromat, doing laundry wouldn't be such a chore, now would it?

I was going to say something about this dirty boy trying to get clean, but just look at the way he's holding that "Xtra" between his legs. He's letting you know "what lies beneath," so I like this dirty boy just the way he is.


Sure, this guy isn't a "sagger" in the sk8ter boi sense of the word, but who really gives a damn?

Check out the guns and the hairy chest. Think he'd get into a scene where I played Jean Grey and he played Wolverine and I used my mind control to...

...I'm sorry... I'm back now... Isn't it scary when the horny side of me and the geek side of me combine? If you find it exciting and not frightening, CALL ME!


Other than the exposed ass on Lifeguard boy, this is one bizarro picture.

For instance, check out Doogie Howser with the paddle looking more like he wants to lick this guy's butt instead of paddle it. At least ATTEMPT to hide your homo lust while paddling the pledge, dude!

Or guy in the jacket with reflective stripes taking a picture of the mooner boy's junk. 'Atta girl!

But the best is the sign in the back. "Deaf Person Area" If that's a straight person's attempt at kitschy indoor decor, they failed miserably. And if this is actually a fraternity for the deaf, those motherfuckers know how to party! Why didn't I learn sign language?

And last but never least...


Today's youth. They just put it right out there, don't they? God bless 'em.


Shirley Heezgay! said...

Those deafies DO know how to party! Take my word for it!


Stephen Rader said...

Shirley Heezgay - OOoooo... As Truvy says in STEEL MAGNOLIAS, "There's a story there." Do tell!!!

Shirley Heezgay! said...

One of my favourites! Oh, a boy after my own heart.

Yes, there's QUITE a story there.

...stay tuned.

Stephen Rader said...

Shirley Heezgay - Oh, I can't wait to hear this one!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Mark in DE said...

Jesus, God, and the Devil! That "sagger" boy is HOT! Those muscles and that hairy chest. Damn, I need a cold shower!!!

What is it about straight guys mooning that's so homoerotic?

Mark :-)

Stephen Rader said...

Mark - Yep, those muscles and that hairy chest are SO what the doctor ordered for me!

As for straight boys mooning being so homoerotic, I think naked man butt is hot whether it's on a straight man, a gay man or one of those "bi-sexuals" (read as "bottom").