Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fagin Has Never Looked Hotter

I love it when my talented friends receive the promotion and praise that they deserve.

I also love it when I scroll down my iGoogle page and the first item under's news features the last name of my good friend and fellow blogger Alexandra Billings.

Alex is pure talent. She's appeared on GREY'S ANATOMY, ER and toured in her one-woman show BEFORE I DISAPPEAR. Her performance in that show remains, to this day, one of my favorite nights in the theatre.

I didn't know her when I saw it and I was thrilled to not only get to know her off stage, but to also share a stage with her during her live concert cd, THE STORY GOES ON...

I remember the first night I sang at The Gentry when Alex was watching. If finished my song, handed the mic to Alex and she complimented me on my performance.

I believe it started with "Wow." A "Wow" from Alex is better than a rave in the Trib.

That's when I knew I was good. If someone as amazingly gifted as Alex thought I had "it," then I had "it." No question.

Alex is about to open in the Drama Desk-nominated musical Twist at the Avery Schreiber Theater in North Hollywood from December 1st through the 30th.

If you're in LA during the run, make sure you see Alex's performance. She truly is magnificent.

As a performer and as a friend.

Congratulations, Alex! Break a leg!

P.S. Alex - Is Brandon Ruckdashel single? Does he like bald bloggers? Just asking...


Alex said...

Brandon is single and he would LOVE you.

Stephen Rader said...

Alex - Your lips to God's ears. Break a leg in TWIST! I know you will be outstanding!

Catty Bitch said...

When I was but a sprig of gay, fresh from the country, I used to pop into Gentry to hear La Billings belt. To this day, those nights are some of my fondest Chicago memories.

Congratulations! Break a leg!

Mark in DE said...

Mmmm... me LIKEY!

Mark :-)

Steven said...

Best wishes to Alex. Stephen, let us know the next time you belt it out at The Gentry. It would be nice to catch you!

Stephen Rader said...

Catty Bitch - I remember those nights very well! Who other than Alex can make a room go silent during a ballad and raucous as she tells her Bea Arthur story? No one!!!

Mark - Amen! What's not to like? :)

Steven - I haven't sang at The Gentry in ages. Maybe I'll have to hit an open mic night there or at Davenport's in the near future. Cocktails and showtunes: Gay Heaven. :)

Aaron said...

Alex is much prettier than Ron Moody, that's for sure! :-) And a much better singer, too.

Go knock 'em dead!

Stephen Rader said...

Aaron - Doesn't Alex look amazing! I so wish I could see this.

Shirley Heezgay! said...

in an unrelated note, "oliver" was my first stage show.

"please, sir, can I have some more?"

HA! The irony!!!

Stephen Rader said...

Shirley Heezgay - "Young boy! Boy for sale! Only seven guineas. That or thereabout." Talk about Not Safe For Work. :)

Lance Noe said...

If you like praising talented people, PRAISE YOURSELF!

I was listening to an interview with flarety and ahrens and they were talking about "seussical" and when asked about its life AFTER BROADWAY, your production in Chicago was among their top 3!

brandon said...

Alex is an absolute treat to work with.


Lance Noe said...

Ok i checked out that love boy's website and there is a pic of him half naked!i think i would have slapped mother theresa if i could have touched it for real!

Stephen Rader said...

Lance - You're sweet. I doubt it was my Chicago production. I'll bet they were talking about the one that Alex did at CST when she played Mayzie. She was sensational.

Brandon - Wow! Thanks for the comment! I wish I could see the show. Convince those producers that you and Alex need to play TWIST in Chicago. I can guarantee a few packed houses!

Lance - "Slapped Mother Teresa?" Please always know me. Always. I love you!

Brandon said...


would love to, haven't been to Chicago in years. Opening weekend went well, should be expecting the critics to have their say sometime later this week. Come out here, been in the 70's all week :-). I know my family in Minnesota wish they could make the trek.


Stephen Rader said...

Brandon - In the 70's all week? Seeing as how I just walked home in about three inches of snow, that sounds like absolute heaven!

Congratulations on the Opening weekend and continued success with the show.

And yes, come to Chicago, with the show or just for the Hell of it. Come with Alex sometime when she visits.