Saturday, April 05, 2008

NINE Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Amy Matheny is taking me to the matinee of Porchlight Music Theatre's production of NINE and I can't wait.

First of all, their Guido Contini (Jeff Parker) doesn't look hard on the eyes AT ALL.

Secondly, I have tons of friends in the show, including the fabulous Danielle Brothers who I just shared the stage with in Lyle.

And lastly, if this video that Porchlight put together is any indication, this production of NINE is going to be THE musical to see this season.

I mean, Bethany Thomas stripping off a nun's habit and singing "Be Italian." What more do you want in a musical? Seriously!!

P.S. Amy and I will be remote podcasting for Windy City Queercast before and after the show. Isn't that a hoot? Who knew I was so technical with the internets? Me? Not knowing.

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