Friday, April 04, 2008

Twisted New DARK KNIGHT Pics

For some reason, I'm just now seeing these new - - and extremely fucked up - - pics from the upcoming Batman film, The Dark Knight.

In a summer filled with Indy and Iron Man, the Hulk and Hellboy, '08 belongs to the Bat.

Or rather, the Joker.

I can't friggin' wait!!!!


Project Christopher said...

at least you and the twinky boys you post on here have your love of comics in common.....

just teasing...

what I don't see is how you want these twinkies, but you have Jinx Titanics skid marked undies in your closet... Quite the whore, I mean ecclectic taste!

Stephen Rader said...

chris - I love all men. Literally. All.

I mean it. I find something attractive in the young ones, the older ones, the skinny ones, the bears, the Daddies - - I love 'em all. I think men are glorious. Period.

And women ain't so bad neither. :)

Anonymous said...

"And women ain't so bad neither."

**slow blink**

Say 'gain?

Stephen Rader said...

dirk - Well, just because I'm a Kinsey Six doesn't mean I can't appreciate boobage. You know what I mean? Hell, I told one of the girls in my cast last night that she had one of the hottest asses I had ever seen. And she does. It's a really hot ass.

If she owns a strap-on, we might be in business. :)

whimsical brainpan said...

Me either!

Palm Springs Savant said...

yippee yippee yippee. I am so stoked about this flick too Stephen.

glad to hear your love of mankind even applies to old fuddy-duddies like me!