Thursday, April 03, 2008

When Children's Theatre Audiences Attack

The Apollo Theatre, where we will be performing Disney's Aladdin, has 440 seats.

So I better work extra hard at writing some killer jokes, rehearse my funny and get my magic tricks on par with the uber-groovy Doug Henning.

Why? Because according to this quiz I just found over at the always fabulous Shirley Heezgay, if those kids turn on me, I'll only be able to take 15 of 'em in a fight.

After I take out the first wave of 15, the other 425 will start in on me. Then, I'm toast.

Not only that, I'm toast that's painted blue and wearing harem pants. Not pretty. At all.


Scooter said...

Oh oh. I can take on 23. I don't think the higher number is better here. :(

Project Christopher said...

25! TWENTY FIVE! I think I could have scored better if I'd been a bit more brutal, but I didn't want to seem TOO much an ass. Just let those little fuckers come at me.... :)

Aaron said...

I think I scored 27 the last time I took don't worry, Stephen, I'll go with you and watch your back.

Brang those lil' bastards ON!

Anatomicsd said...

I got 28 so I'll watch your back for a while.

I think it was the fact that I was willing to use other children as a weapon that racked up the most points.

cb said...

It takes 25 of them bitches to get me.

but I don't think they factored in that I wear steel toed boots...