Sunday, April 13, 2008

Miss Lola Rose

Meet Miss Lola Rose. I've been following her frank, hilarious and often insightful videos for awhile now.

Her take on Ann Coulter's "perfect Jews" statement is truly genius.

But this video popped up this week with Miss Lola Rose discussing being the mother of two gay children. My parents have only two sons and my brother and I are both gay, so I find her words straightforward, honest, loving and heartfelt. As are all of her videos.

I love that when she was coming to terms with her childrens' homosexuality, she said to herself...
"How am I going to handle this? Am I going to love them?
Of course, I'm going to love them."

I'm blessed to have two parents who love me. It took a long time and a lot of hard work after I grew up and came out of the closet for all of us to love each other for who we are, but we did it.

Thanks to Miss Lola Rose for a wonderful video.


cb said...

Of COURSE she's gonna love her gay children. But you know who she'd love even MORE??



Mom sends her love and thanks you for your extremely kind blog feature, and to the comment below, she laughed and said "He is so right." My brother did have a biological child and yes, having a grandchild was a huge thrill for her. xoxo Love, Jill and Mom

Stephen Rader said...

cb - Grandbabies do have an incredible relationship with their grandparents! So true! My grandmother was the kindest, sweetest, most loving woman who ever lived. Period.

jill & miss lola rose - Thank you for the comment!! I love your YouTube videos! They are the best!! Much love!

whimsical brainpan said...

Great video!

Anonymous said...

she needs to write a book.

the joy said...

When my mom found out my bro was gay, which I already knew, I expected her to have some sort of Jesus-based panic attack at him. But as she started cooking dinner she said, "he's my son, I may not approve, but I still love him." of course she considers it a phase and blames my absent father, but very little changed. They still watch smallville together and talk about God. Its hard I suppose, but what child doesn't stray from their parent eventually? Not because of spite, but in order to live their own lives. I hope he's as together as you one day Stephen.

Stephen Rader said...

uprightguy - Definitely! I would invest HEAVILY in any book written by Miss Lola Rose!!!

the joy - Thank you for your kind words. I hope that he surpasses me in being together, but cause there are times when I feel anything but together. What what your mom said is the core to everything - - no matter what, she still loves her son. And he loves her. And I know from personal experience just how fulfilling it is when, through love and communication and hard work, your parent becomes your friend. There's nothing quite as beautiful as that. Much love to you, your brother and your mom!

Mark in DE said...

Yes, you are fortunate to have loving, accepting parents. Many do not.

Mark :-)