Tuesday, April 08, 2008

TMI Tuesday

I love it when the TMI Tuesdays are this sexual. The only problem is that it makes tomorrow an uber-horny hump day.

1. Your boyfriend/girlfriend cheats on you with your best friend, who are you (more) mad at?

My boyfriend cheats on me with my best friend? Very Knots Landing. If this happens, can I be Val? I always wanted to be Val...

Seeing as how being my boyfriend and being my best friend involves me both loving and fully trusting you, I would be more hurt than mad. Hurt equally by each of them.

And like true Southern women taught me, once you've hurt me and deliberately violated my trust, you are no longer a part of my life.

I defer to the motto Bette Midler chose for her company, All Girl Productions...
"We Hold a Grudge"

2. Is there something someone could say to you that would cross a boundary of not being able to take back or forgive them?

A former boyfriend of mine once broke up with me because (and these are the precise words he used)...
"You're just not good looking enough to date."

Yeah. He said that to me and I was actually able to talk to him after that, invite him to parties, see him at bars and not break a beer bottle over his head and gouge it into his jugular.

So no, there really isn't anything I can think of that someone could say that could keep me from forgiving them. Plenty they could DO, but not really anything they could say.

3. What non-sexual body part do you find the sexiest?

There are non-sexual body parts? Fascinating...

Where can these be found? And don't say "Between Krakatoa and Deep Inside Happy Land," because trust me, I've explored WAY up in there.

4. Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery to have the perfect body?

The assumption being that I DON'T have the perfect body?!?

Well, IF I happened to not actually HAVE the perfect body, I doubt that I would consider cosmetic surgery. Even if the doctor called it "Minor surgery."

As my father says, "Minor surgery is when they're cutting open someone else."

5. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?

Oh yes. Definitely. Any place that my lips can physically reach. Truthfully. Any place.

Please note that this is why I don't know of any non-sexual body parts. Every inch of skin has the potential to get the party going, right?

Bonus (as in optional): If you were going to have a one night stand, who would you rather it be with- an ex or someone totally random you just met.

Sex with an ex would and should be less of a one night thing and more of a "fuck buddy whenever needed" thing.

For one night stands, I prefer the kindness and kinkiness of strangers.


whimsical brainpan said...

I do so love your TMI Tuesdays!

Aaron said...

"You're just not good looking enough to date"

Who was his ophtamologist?? And what was he doing with you in the first place if he felt that way??

I'm with you, there's no "non-sexual" body part...it's not so much where it's located as what we can do to it with our lips, tongue and fingertips (or whatever other toys you want to use!).

Anatomicsd said...

I must say...I don't think there's anything all that particulary "sexual" about liver, spleen, kidneys, adrenal glands, thyroid/parathyroid glands and lymph nodes.

Unless, of course, it gets you hot and bothered while I talk about them and run my hands over their appropriate anatomic locations.

Polt said...

Shouldn't your motto from #1 apply to #2??? He said that to you and you didn't cut him? What's up with that??? :)


I Smile 2 Much said...

omyfrickingosh- r u serious about #2 and having someone say that?!??????!!!!!!!! what kinda idiot says that to someone? for reals? makes me seriously wanna slap someone and i gotta just say it takes a lot for me to get all upset. A LOT.
know what? i once had someone say to me "U are NOT all that. you're teeth are crooked for one." and i was like "yah, i know. and i never claimed to be. so whats your point?" okay so maybe i didnt say it all strong & mighty but still, i managed to say it back. it frickin sucked though. hurt like hell. it still bugs me. ugh ; ( but whatever. i had the same person tell me how pathetic i am and how messed up my kids are gonna be because of how i "am". and then the same person said that i am "sooooooo not worth it" and then after i had sex with this person (just only the 2nd person i've ever slept with) he texts me 7 hours later & tells me not to "ever stop by his place uninvited like that again". yup. after he fucked me that morning. how sweet, huh?! LOL
anyways. i am soooooooooo deliriously sorry i just rambled like this. but that comment by your ex just really struck a nerve with me. very much so. but yah. so anyways.
; ) happy tmi 2 u. i was actually laughing on your other answers. you are soooooo funny. ; )

Blockade Boy said...

You blew my mind when you said that (out of all the Knots Landing ladies) you wanted to be Val. Val, with her "latest pre-teen fashions," as Abby used to say. The rest of your post was kind of a blur after that. :)

cb said...

One night stands are always best when you know as little as possible about the guy... other than what he looks like.

ANd sometimes a blindfold will even fix that!

cb said...

I had a guy say (while we were in bed together) "Oh. You are a bit pudgy, aren't you? And your dick is kinda small."

To be fair, compared to his 8.5 incher, mine WAS smaller.

Mark in DE said...

Great answers!

Mark :-)

{Ãñgê£}ä said...

Haha, love the TMI post! You are too funny.

My frist visit to your blog, so I kinda skimmed a few more posts - love the remarks about the South! :)
Texas Rocks! lol

:) Have a nice weekend.