Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

My brother Jeff is going to have several stars in his crown in Heaven.

Primarily because he is an incredible social worker who spends his days working with children who have been abused or who are mentally challenged.

The stars in that Heavenly crown also will be his because the stories he tells from working with these kids are at time friggin' hilarious.

He just told me that Evander Holyfield spoke at his school this week and one of Jeff's students raised his hand and asked Mr. Holyfield...
"Do you wipe your ass with money?"

Luckily, Mr. Holyfield would neither confirm nor deny that claim and Jeff spent the better part of the afternoon trying to explain to this inquisitive student why that was not an appropriate question.

Put that in your Kids Say the Darnedest Things and smoke it.


Project Christopher said...

I nearly wet myself laughing at this!

By the way, the answer is no, Evander doesn't wipe his ass with money... he uses sandpaper for that rough "My ass hurts" look he is always sporting!

Polt said...

Well, it may not be appropriate, but I'd like to know the answer to it anyway. :)


Angel ABC said...

Doing AIDS-awareness work in the schools in the past, the question that stumped--or at least took me and my co-facilitator aback was, "Is your vagina supposed to smell?"

Of course we were trying not to react (or laugh in the girl's face), but all I could do was turn to my female co-worker and say, "Kelli, would you like to respond?" Luckily the bell rang and literally all the kids stood up and left. But Kelli did go up to the girl and spoke of hygiene.

Aaron said...

You KNOW that kid heard that from a grown-up.

I love kids...they have NO secrets and NO tact! :-)

Mark in DE said...

That is TOO funny! We just take metafors for granted, while kids often take them literally.

Mark :-)

cb said...

I wish he just would have said, "yes" and moved on.