Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Riddler & Superman Give It To Batman & Robin, Respectively

I'm a lucky man.

I have so many friends feeding my rather perverted comic book fetish.

To say that the pictures my friends send to me make me happy would be an understatement.

Who wouldn't love this pic that Doug from I Get That a Lot sent me yesterday?

I'm picturing me in my Riddler costume feeling Christian Bale's ass. Nice. Very nice.

And nothing pushes my Robin fetish over the edge quite like this pic sent to me by Shriley Heezgay.

So Superman is blonde.

And wearing Superboy's old leather jacket.

Robin's wearing a harness over his tunic.

And I never knew that, under his green briefs, the Boy Wonder wears a black swimmer jockstrap.

I learned something new. Now, I can incorporate that into my "Robin Gets Tag Teamed by the Challengers of the Unknown" sex fantasy role play.

The next session is going to be good!

Thanks for the pics, guys. I love them!


Polt said...

All the Challangers? Even the chick? Oh, I guess you could use a drag queen there, eh?

Okay..carry on.


Raven said...


Heeelllllooo Nurse! :D

Scooter said...

Now if only you could find Dr. Strange getting it on with Dr. Banner. Now that would be some funky doctor lovin'!!


thanks for sharing those pics. Highlarious.

at the New York Comic Con they showed a clip you would have loved from the Batman tv series auditions. In one scene Batman actually uttered the phrase "up the chute Robin" and in the other Robin was all "holy caboose!" They also vocalized worry about what Aunt Harriet might say if they knew what they did on their 'fishing trips'.

Batman and Robin. sigh.

Palm Springs Savant said...

oh those are SO CLASSIC STEPHEN! I think you need to write a play about superheros and their secret gay lives.

cb said...

For my cartoon/comic sex- I turn to Tom of Finland or the Hun. I love the penormous size of everything!

Fr. Fozy Bear said...

Im glad that we have similar comic/superhero fetishes you make it possible for me to get all gooey inside every time I stop by your blog.... btw love the pic of the frat boi in the lav thong too.

Peace and thanks for the pump,