Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Full Plate

You know that amusement park saying, "Scream if you want to go faster!"

What should I do if I want to slow the fuck down?!?

I am currently extremely busy at Season of Concern every week day and rehearsing almost every night.

Coming up this weekend, we start technical rehearsals, and I'm performing both Saturday night and Sunday night.

At two different benefits.

Saturday night, I'm performing and leading the live auction for Emerald City Theatre's Annual Oz Ball. Yep, as the Genie.

I wonder if I can parlay this Genie gig into a job at Blue Man Group.

Toilet paper Thrower. Marshmallow Mouth Stuffer. Camera Down a Throat Guy. Something...

Sunday's event is going to be a blast.

I'm singing at the Taurus Speakeasy, a benefit for Theo Ubique Theatre Company at the No Exit Cafe alongside Bethany Thomas, Danielle Brothers, Missy Young, Dana Tretta, Jeremy Trager and my good friend Rus Rainear.

Joshua Stephen Kartes is providing the accompaniment and don't spread it around, but Carol Channing will be in attendance. In fact, I'm doing a duet with Ms. Channing.

No, this does not make me Pearl Bailey.

It's $10 at the door and $10 for unlimited beer, so come and support a great cause.

And drink. A lot.

My performance of Ursula the Sea Witch's "Poor Unfortunate Souls" is MUCH more entertaining when you're too drunk to conjugate.


Project Christopher said...

Stage whore! :)

Good luck with all of these! i'm sure you'll do fine!

Ted said...

I didn't even read the entire post. All I saw was Oz Ball.

My prayers are with you Stephen.

Be strong.

Shirley Heezgay! said...

i thought 'scream if you wanna go faster' was a bathhouse saying...hmmm?

Anatomicsd said...

Hmmmm. Are you one of the Lives at Auction and are you accepting absentee bids?

the joy said...

This is what Joy needs: Joy needs you to have a very loving friend with a camera, who will record you singing "poor unfortunate souls," from joy's favorite movie, and then put that video on YouTube, so that I may experience that. That is all.

whimsical brainpan said...

Break a leg! Twice!

Lance Noe said...



Aaron said...

Wouldn't miss the Taurus thing...see YOU there! (I'm bringing tomatoes--better sing pretty!) :-)

cb said...

No WONDER you've been blowing off your promise to me! You are a busy boy.

RAD Homo said...

A busy boy! At least you wont get into trouble? Or is that the reaason? :-)

Angel ABC said...

I'm in a show now (Urinetown in Des Plaines) with Missy Young, who's on your bill for this Sunday. I've got cousins visiting and I'll try to convince them to go so we can catch both of you!



seriouslyflippant said...

PREACH, GRRRL! I full to the brim with the whole god-damn world!

But you know what they say. When you've got a full

Mark in DE said...

Sounds like you are a busy boy! Good lu - I mean, break a leg!!!

Mark :-)