Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lyle on YouTube!

Look what my friend Mike over at Logopolis did for me: He put the LYLE, LYLE CROCODILE appearance on WGN's Morning Show on YouTube!!

Here are all of the spots we did that morning. It starts out with Tom / Lyle singing "Where I Belong," goes into "Soapy Crocodile" and then there's some crazy assed spots with yours truly as Senior Hector P. Valenti (star of stage and screen) from my song with Lyle entitled "They Loved Us." It ends with Danielle singing "People Like You" - - belting her ass off before 9 in the morning!!!

The music and lyrics are by George Howe. He is a genius. As is our book writer Christina Calvit. Genius.

As Ana says right before Tom and I are circling her with feather fans...

"You will never see a production like this."

I think what she meant to say was...

"You will never see a production AS GAY AS this. Ever."

Thanks for doing this for me, Mike. I love it.

P.S. We've had 9 hits on YouTube so far. We're FAMOUS!!


Aaron said...

You'll get at least nine more hits today. I'll probably keep coming back to watch it, to kill my crabbiness (which is better than yesterday, though, thanks to seeing you guys!)

Doug said...

Love it love it love it! So sorry I wasn't able to see it live!

Any possibility of bringing the show on the road? My library has a decent budget and could pay y'all to come out and do the show for the kids here. Seriously.

Have George contact me if there's any chance!

Mark in DE said...

Congrats on your recent fame! Although, we all know that YOU are already 'famous' for other things...

Mark :-)

Java said...

Fabulous! The cranky neighbor with the cat- so gay! I like Senior Hector P Valenti, too. And Lyle? Who knew?

Stephen Rader said...

aaron - Thanks for coming out last night. I had such a great time with so many friends there. Thanks for coming to see LYLE twice and for increasing our YouTube hits. You're the best!

doug - I'm not sure if we could but if you want, I would suggest calling Lifeline and talking to someone in Admin about it. For the right price, we'll go just about anywhere. :)

mark - Yeah, I'm famous for "other things" but my porn career is going nowhere!!!

java - Thank you!!! I'm proud of our little show. Philip said it was cute and it is. In an age when kids shows seem to always be trying too hard to be "cool" or "edgy" or whatever, LYLE is cute, and I love that.

Polt said...

Ana moves as good as you do, is she a gay man too? :)

9 hits....I've got live 5 videos up..I don't have 9 hits total yet...course none of the feature a crocodile, Ana herself or FANS!

Very nicely done, entertaining. Thanks for posting it.

Oh, I've tagger out. play along, if you like.

Oh and Happy late Birthday!


Anonymous said...

I must say how impressed I was to see the Rader SHHHHHHHHH found it's way into the Cop character...*grin*

seriously....too bad you weren't in-studio, you might have been able to coax Potash to join in the dance! (or at least do the fan dance around him! *evil grin*)

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, wait a minute, WAIT a minute!!!!!

Are you doing Carol Channing in a Union Suit??

I'm going to have to kill you now.


Palm Springs Savant said...

How awesome Stephen!!!! I'm proud of you, and in awe of your talent (as I've always been). Congrats, you stud

Stephen Rader said...

polt - Thank you!!! What's your YouTube name? I'll subscribe your your videos!!!

eric - A fan dance around Larry Potash just might kill me. Heeeee'ssss dreeeeeammmmyyyyyy.

alex - Close. It's more of Carol Channing meets Margaret Whiting. In a Union Suit. It ain't right.

rick - Thanks, baby! I'm having a blast in this little show. So much fun!!