Friday, January 18, 2008

Fratboy Friday

The temperature is dropping so low here in Chicago that, while waiting for the bus this morning, both of my testicles forged a new home deep inside my body, directly beside my right lung.

I need me some Fratboy Friday to get everything back in its proper place.


In some alternate universe, I imagine Hugh Hefner to be gay and this hot, young thing is one of Hef's three E Channel Reality Show hotties on The Boys Next Door

Let's just hope this boy isn't the male Kendra. Sure, Kendra's hot and all, but have you heard her laugh? One giggle from Kendra in the bedroom and Hef's Viagra doesn't stand a chance.



This boy's body gives me inspiration to hit my new gym hard in the coming months.
And his hair makes me feel better about being bald.

But then again, we're not really looking at his hair, now are we?



This week, we have a special treat in the Mooners Department. There are hundreds of thousands of pictures of guys mooning the camera, but it's not every day that we have "Before & After" shots so that we can match the heads...

...with the tails...

Please note that they re-arranged their order left to right between shots. But with a little deduction, you'll be able to match each "Boy" with the appropriate "Moon."

I think I may have just stumbled upon a new game. Show an audience just the faces of a bunch of different guys, scramble their order and then show the audience just their asses. The person who matches the most asses to faces wins! We could call it "Ass Face!" Genius!!!

Yes, you guessed it. I live alone.



Sure, nothing too crazy is going on in this picture. Yet.

But with the beer flowing freely, with "Number 11" not-at-all-subtly lifting his shirt to show off half an ab, and with two - - count 'em TWO! - - sets of "Dude, we're SO WASTED" eyes, we all know what's going to happen in the next frame, right?

So damn it, WHERE'S THE NEXT FRAME?!? They never take THOSE pictures.

Cock teases...

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Valyna said...

Ohio State boys, huh?? =) Yeah, I love me some OSU boys.