Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just Call Me Carol. Ms. Haney If You're Nasty.

Well, it's official: I'm no longer Margo Canning. I'm not Bea Arthur or Elaine Stritch. I'm not even Jimmy Durante, for God's sakes.

Right now, I'm Carol Haney. And I have the injury to prove it.

This weekend at LYLE was our first dealing with another show moving into our space. For weeks, we've had the place all to ourselves, but Lifeline is producing an adult show that goes into previews during the last week of our run, so we now have all these levels backstage that make our crossovers longer and generally leave zero space to move around back there.

As I said looking at it yesterday, "This is one, big actor trap."

And it was. For me.

Today, before my entrance as Valenti, I was standing on a level about a foot above the stage waiting for Jim to exit stage right so that I could step down off the level and then enter stage right.

Well, when my right foot touched the stage floor, my ankle twisted and all my weight (insert "fat ass jokes here") crashed down on my right ankle.

That's the ankle I injured extremely badly a few years ago when I broke that same foot.

The ankle twisted and I heard a "pop." And like a good little actor, I walked on stage and went right into my Valenti scene. Then, I went into my song. And then, my dance. And I moved right through the rest of the play without missing a beat.

Why? Well, for one thing, the audience was LOVING it - - and me - - and it's hard to stop the show when they're laughing at everything you do.

I also kept going because I know my body when it gets injured on stage and if I just keep going, the endorphins keep moving through my system and the injury isn't as painful.

But when the show stopped, that's when I really felt it. Luckily for me, my ankle isn't broken - - it's only a pretty bad sprain. Also, I'm lucky because my understudy, the fabulous Rus Rainear, was at the theatre with 10 minutes to spare to take over my role in our second show today.

Of course, that's probably where my good luck ends. I'm sure that a movie producer was in the house for the second show. And that's why I'm now officially Carol Haney. And Rus is now officially Shirley MacLaine.

Don't understand the references? Watch this clip and all will be revealed.

I'm off to rest my ankle, practice the hat trick in "Steam Heat" and figure out what key is best for me when I'm singing "Hernando's Hideaway." Oy...


Mark in DE said...

Aw, sorry to hear about your ankle. But the show must go on, and so did you!

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your ankle. Doctor's orders: ice, rest, elevate, shot of vodka...not necessarily in that order. Get Lance to tell you the Chris Morelock disappearing in thin air onstage and reappearing with a new busted ankle Story. And I'm sure everyone else will be telling you their ankle stories, too.

Michael said...

Good LORD!!! Knock that shit off!
I hope you are okay!!!! Shane Rollins videos should help you relax....

Palm Springs Savant said...

You will always be the pearl in the oyster of life to me, Stephen.
I remember seeing Lana Turner on stage in Murder Among Friends and a silver water pitcher fell onto her foot during the show. She winced for a minute as the other character finished their line, and she went right on with the show. I met her after and they had to take her out on a wheel chair she was in so much pain, but the show had to go on. She even stopped to give me her autograh that night.

Take care of that ankle.

Blockade Boy said...

Yikes! That's awful. I hope you feel better soon!

And thanks for posting that clip. I love showbiz stories!

Doug said...

Will you go on next Saturday? I'm planning to be there!

Polt said...

Well, if it helps, I'm pretty sure Hal B. Wallis is dead now and didn't see the other guy perform.

Hope you heal quickly, punkin!


Shirley Heezgay! said...

Ouch! Take care of that ankle of yours!

BTW,was it just me that pictured Unfitney Spears fumbling through that awards show performance making up loads of excuses, while reading that Stephen Rader, one of theatre's greatest heroes, "went on with the show" despite a possible broken ankle?

Now that's professionalism. I can't go on if I break a nail!

Aaron said...

Ouch! Nice job finishing your number with an injury--that can't be easy! I'm glad it's not broken.

Next time, all the drinks are on me! I hope you get better really soon...

Steven said...

I'm sorry to hear about the mishap with your ankle. Glad that the show went on without a hitch. Just remember it's, "Break a leg!" Here to a quick recuperation.

Anonymous said...

Please mail your left over pain killers to Honey West Enterprises.

President of Honey West Entertprises

Mollie said...

I'm sorry about your ankle! But when it's better, I'll teach you the whole and entire "Steam Heat" routine. That is, of course, unless you already know it.
Feel better!

cb said...

Elevate. Ice. Heat. Movement (small).

At least I THINK that's the new philosophy on injuries.

cb said...

Oh, and I may be able to help you with the "elevate" part... ahem.

Stephen Rader said...

mark - What's that line from ALL ABOUT EVE? When Eve says, "The show must go on," Karen says, "No, Margo must go on. If she can walk, crawl or roll, she plays." Maybe I should be called Margo Channing after all...

dana - I love it when the doctor ORDERS me to take shots of vodka. Like that doesn't already happen every evening anyway. :)

michael - Shane Rollins ANYTHING will relax me. Or increase the stiffness. Or both.

rick - Comparing me to Lana Turner - - I LOVE IT!! You are too damn sweet. I'll have to remember to be wheeled out of the theatre the next time I twist my ankle on stage. Much more dramatic that way.

blockade boy - Thank you! That clip came from a documentary entitled BROADWAY: THE GOLDEN YEARS. You should check it out. It's FILLED with old showbiz stories from the Great White Way. Not the Great White Hope. That's something quite different. :)

doug - No worries. I'll be back to tip top performance on Saturday. Can't wait to see you there!

polt - Well, with my luck, friggin' Spielberg came to the show when I was out of it!!!

shirley heezgay - "one of theatre's greatest heroes" God love you for a liar! I adore you!!!

aaron - It's healing very quickly, thank goodness. Thanks for hanging out at Sidetrack on Friday. I had a great time.

steven - How embarrassing would it have been if I had broken my leg during the show? I would never live that down. Of course, I'd have THE best theatre story for dinner parties after that. Hmmm...

alex - What is this thing? "Left over pain killers?" What is that?

mollie - You know the entire "Steam Heat" number?!?! And you'll teach it to me?!? WOOHOO!!!! Will I be the boy on your right side or your left side? And who will we get to do the combo with us? Choices, choices, choices...

cb - Anytime you want to come to Chicago and elevate me, bring it on. I'll see your "Elevation" and raise you a "You want me to put what where?" Oh, the fun we'll have... :)