Tuesday, January 29, 2008

TMI Tuesday

If Giuliani loses the Florida Primary today, he will most likely drop out of the Presidential race.

Just in case he actually wins the state, could someone call Jeb Bush and ask him to do that "ballot tampering thing" again? It worked so well 7 years ago.

In the meantime, here's a little TMI Tuesday.

1. Would you stay in a relationship with an physically unfaithful partner?

Not anymore, but I have.

Of course, this assumes that one of the rules I had with my boyfriend was "Not Sleep with Anyone Else," which for me isn't as important as "Don't Lie to Me," "Treat Me with Respect" and "Enjoy Our Time Together."

2. Would you stay in a relationship with an emotionally unfaithful partner?

Better question. Probably not.

If I love someone and they love someone else, I would rather that they be with the person they love. What good is a relationship that's based on trying to make someone love you?

3. On a scale of 1-10, how important is the recognition of birthdays to you (your's, a friend's, a partner's)?

Since I try hard to remember birthdays, but fail miserably at times, I can't exactly say that recognizing a birthday is essential to friendship.

For me, the one thing that is essential to friendship is being available and providing support, encouragement and love when it ISN'T your birthday. When things go incredibly wrong and Life is pain, not a party.

I remember the day that I told my mother I was gay. We were on the phone and her immediate response was that she wished she had aborted. My friend Scot was with me, took me out, talked to me and gave me every ounce of support that I needed.

Maybe that's why I have always held friends closer to my heart that boyfriends. We gay people - - at least gay people my age and older - - have created lives where our friends become our family. In my life, boyfriends have unfortunately come in and out of my life quickly, but my friends have, for the most part, remained constant.

4. When you have a "toe-curling" orgasm, do your does curl up, or down?

I am SO grossed out by this question.

My ex not only curls his toes down when he orgasms, he also cracks the knuckles of this toes at the same time. And when those nasty feet are inches away from your face because his legs are CONSTANTLY resting on you shoulders - - because, gentle readers, he is and was a whore - - you can't help but throw up a little in your mouth.


5. Every one has a pet peeve, tell me one of yours.

One? How about 50.

My new pet peeve are those people on the bus or the train who sit in the seat closest to the aisle and leave the seat closest to the window empty so that they can have the whole friggin' seat to themselves.

And then, if you politely ask to sit in the window seat, they always sigh loudly and act like it's the biggest burden in the world for them to have to slightly move so that you are required to crawl over them just to sit down.

Hey Princess, you don't own the CTA! As my friend Aaron says, "You ain't nobody!," so sit next to the window before I take my cock out and slap you across the face with it.

If you're going to open your mouth to sigh, you might as well put it to good use.

Bonus (as in optional):Name someone famous who you have no sexual interest in but would have sex with just to brag about it?

Jessica Alba. Can you imagine the looks on every straight boys face in America if had me some Alba and all they could do was dream? Heaven.

Also, if I had sex with her, I could find out why that wig she wore in the second Fantastic Four movie was so unbelievably fugly.


redneck vamp said...

LOL at the Giuliani/Bush comments. ;)

I love your answer for number 2, it is great.

I love your answer for number 3 even more however. I can relate to that completely. What an awful thing for your mother to say. Of course, when my mom found I was bisexual and dating a girl... she didn't speak to me for months after that and often wouldn't let me even in the house. I spent most nights staying with friends and it eventually caused me to move out of my mom's house at 17 because then, she couldn't accept that. Now, 4 years and some change later, she just refuses to acknowledge that fact about me but things have gotten better between us a bit. I have a great group of constant friends who are my support though and I love them as if they were my own blood. [[Sorry for the rant!]]

I love your number 5 and your Bonus is awesome! lol I would imagine so many boys who have fantasy's about Ms Alba being so jealous and dumbfounded over a gay man getting to shag her. Hilarious.

Sorry for leaving such a long comment lol. Happy TMIT!! :) :)

cb said...

So, I take it from your answer to question 4 that you are a top?


Bunny said...

You took "TMI" very seriously this week - I am impressed!

Totally with you on #2. On #3, most of my gay friends have found their friends become their family. I am so sorry your mother responded the way she did. I can't even imagine the pain you must have felt. If my son told me has was gay, I would accept and support him. I would be sad, because of how society perceives and treats gay people.

I too am grossed about by your ex-bf's toes - yuck!

I make sure I get my ass in their face when I scootch past those rude people on the bus. I'm a bitch that way.

LOL @ straight boys losing their minds knowing you were with Jessica Alba. L.O.L.

Happy TMI!

the joy said...

That was the worst wig ever! Lmfao!

Friendship is important to the young gays too. And the young deviant straight girls. You should have seen my friends and I this weekend.

I pop my toes all the time... It feels good, no matter how it sounds.

Polt said...

"Because, gentle readers, he was an is a whore..."

God, I love you more and more each passing day. :)


Polt said...

Oh and one other thing: Halle Berry's Storm wig from the first X-Men movie was WAAAY worse than Albas.


Aaron said...

I hate people who pull that whole "sit on the aisle, then remain seated but aha-look-I-turned-sideways-to-let-you-in!" crap. (Oh ho ho, you outsmarted me--you crafty little cat turd!) Many's the time one of those Cheetoh-gobbling trolls refuses to even get off their cell phone as they raise one fat thigh to create intentionally inadequate passage space. I always make sure my shoulder bag smacks 'em a good one on my way out. I'm going to start carrying rocks in my bag for just that purpose.

Feet don't bother me that much...I guess it all depends on who they're attached to, though! :-)

Mariposa said...

You just gave a toe curling laugh! Happy TT!

Stephen Rader said...

redneck vamp - Sorry to hear about your mother, but if it's any consolation, time heals everything. My mother and I are now best of friends and she accepts me completely. It doesn't happen overnight and it takes a lot of work, but it does get better. And you can leave any length of comment on here anytime you want! Happy TMI!

cb - I was a top. And still can be. But after being "only a top" for years, I'm enjoying the other side of the tracks now. A lot. :)

bunny - Putting my ass in the face of those rude bus people - - brilliant idea! I'm putting that into effect tomorrow. And baby, I got me a lot of ass!!! Thanks for the comment! Happy TMI!

the joy - That was the worst wig ever! And if you lived here, I have a feeling that we'd be friends - - and then family - - VERY quickly!

polt - The truth is the truth about my ex. And Storm's wig was bad, too! SO right. And what about Mary Jane's hair in SPIDER-MAN 3?!? Didn't any fag on the set have a brush?!?! Geez...

aaron - I'm adding rocks to my bag as well! Maybe I'll bruise them as I hit them!! :)

mariposa - WOOHOO!!! I'm glad I could do that!!! Happy TMI!!

Amorous Chick said...

Wow... fantastic answers this week! Seriously, great job. I enjoyed reading them all and loved all of your answers. Okay wait, I love all but one and that being the answer to 4. I hate feet and the visual I got while reading that response... Oh my, I think I threw up a little in my mouth just from reading it. Ayeee!

Have a great day! =o)