Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quantum of Solace

A couple of years ago, when Daniel Craig stepped into 007's exquisitely tailored suit...

...and yes, in my fantasy, Bond DOES wear that uber-hot square cut swimsuit under all his suits and tuxedos...

...everyone said that he was a horrible choice for Bond.

And as anyone who saw CASINO ROYALE will tell you, the opposite became true.

Daniel Craig claimed the role of 007 for his own.

With his chiseled body, rugged good looks and animal command of everything around him, he achieved the unthinkable - - He made Sean Connery's Bond look kind of like a wus.

Those of you who disagree, think of it this way: The only thing that can trump Connery's entrance in DR. NO - - lighting a cigarette at the Chemin de Fer table and saying, "Bond, James Bond" for the very first time - - is Craig's exchange with a bartender in CASINO ROYALE...

Bond: "Vodka martini."

Bartender: "Shaken or stirred?"

Bond: "Do I look like I give a damn?"

The winner is Craig. By a six pac.

The title of the next Bond film was just announced - - Quantum of Solace. It's the title of one of Ian Fleming's Bond short stories from the collection entitled For Your Eyes Only.

The title has barely been announced and already, there are Bond fans saying that it's the worse title of a Bond film ever.

I love the title. Hell, you could call the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for all I care. Just make sure that Craig is Bond.

And preferably naked again.


Polt said...

Ya know, Craig was good and all, I'm not arguing that point, I just think Connery was a better Bond. I mean, nothing in Casino Royale beats Goldfinger.

Course, over time, or another movie, I think Craig could grow to be my favorite.


Mark in DE said...

He looks like of old in the 1st photo, and much better in the swimsuit photo. I've never been a big Bond fan, but to each his own.

Mark :-)

Stephen Rader said...

polt - I love GOLDFINGER, but I really think that CASINO ROYALE trumped them all. It has the spirit of the character down cold. And Bond is actually someone who can do some damage. I love it!!!

mark - Does he look old or just rugged. I say rugged. And I like rugged. A lot. :)

mrpeenee said...

Most important, your request that he be naked. Yes, please, lots more naked.

cb said...

YOu have to admit, though, the new title sux ass.