Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ana and the Cast

A few people asked if there was a clip of LYLE's WGN Morning Show appearance and they have uploaded one to their site. Click here if you want to watch us. You may have to scroll down to find us in the list, but we're there.

In the meantime, here we are with Ana. How friggin' cute is this picture?

(L to R: Tom Jansson, Jim Grote, Ana Belaval, some bald guy & Danielle Brothers)

Also, I had to pass on my favorite moment from our talk-backs with the school groups. It happened two days ago.

A little girl asked what it felt like to be an actor. Everyone else in the cast talked about how fun it is and how they wanted to be actors from the time they were little kids.

I asked the little girl if she wanted to be an actor when she grew up. Her response...

"Nah. Not really."



Project Christopher said...

What a cute little story! did you slap that little girl and tell her "Well honey, there are enough two bit whores in Chicago, hopefully you'll pick another career" ?

I saw your clip and it was GREAT! That pink striped vest though... did you have to raid your own closet? Can they not give you a costume?


Shirley Heezgay! said...


that will be in my head all day now...

"soapy crocodile, soapy crocodile..."

Anatomicsd said...

That was a great start to the morning. I'll have to look up one of your performances the next time I'm in Chicago.

Aaron said...

I loved that dance the best out of the whole show...that and Danielle's "marching" song where she tells off Mr. Grump...

cb said...

So, um... have you ever picked up that spiky, pointy tail and fucked Lyle Lyle Crocodile??

Or is that in the Adult version?

Stephen Rader said...

chris - That pink striped vest AND jacket IS not just my costume - - it's my CHARACTER! Who needs The Method when the clothes do the job for you.

shirley - It is a great score, isn't it? It doesn't talk down to the kids. I mean, I have lyrics in my Valenti song like "Each time we bantered and bandied about / Criples would shimmy and mutes would shout!" Now, THAT's a kid's show I can sink my teeth into!!

anatomicsd - Thank you! For the comment and for the compliment!

aaron - What about my Valenti number? It's way out there, isn't it? :)

cb - Alas, he's straight. The sweetest, kindest, nicest guy in the world. Those guys are always straight, aren't they? But his girlfriend is sweet and sexy, so he's being taken care of just fine!

Aaron said...

Actually, your Valenti number was in a class all its own! It frightened me with its brilliance so much that I forgot to include it with my favorites! :-) But I really did love it and especially the way you two did can anyone resist an exotic nutjob dancing with a talking crocodile?

See you Sidetrash tomorrow!

Stephen Rader said...

aaron - I think the audience is baffled by it. It's a whole lot, isn't it? Me. A pink plaid suit. Mime. Feather fans. Add a purple jumpsuit and it's a Madonna concert. :)