Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cap & Red Robin Live!

Today it's going to be crazy at the comic book shop.

No, they won't be grieving how John Edwards dropped out of the race for President this morning. I will, but they won't.

No, today will be crazy at the comic book shop, because today is the day that Captain America comes back.

And while I haven't read much of the Marvel Universe since issue #7 of CIVIL WAR made me want to throw the book across the room and scream, "You made me wait how many months for THAT?!?!," I do know that this doesn't mean Steve Rogers is back from the dead.

This means that his former sidekick, Bucky Barnes, is the new Captain America. Complete with a somewhat new Cap costume designed by comic legend Alex Ross.

But I doubt I will buy the next issue of CAPTAIN AMERICA with Bucky as Cap.

I'll be too busy buying the latest issue of COUNTDOWN to see if there's another hot picture of Jason Todd who used to be Robin until he was killed by The Joker, came back from the dead - - somehow... alternate earth, I guess - - took over the identity of Red Hood and then, in the last issue of COUNTDOWN became...

Red Robin.

Hot. Friggin' hot. Give me all of that.

P.S. When Cap died last Spring, his shield was given to Steve Colbert. So, when Colbert heard that Captain America as back in action, he assumed that Marvel had made him the new Cap.

Check out this clip from THE COLBERT REPORT from earlier this week to see his reaction to Bucky being given the job and to find out exactly who in Washington is actually a Skrull.


Tina said...

I mentioned this at GGY today--the Edwards thing. I think he pair up with Obama. I running mates. 0_0 Running mates.

Polt said...

Actually, I think Jason Todd came back by way of a Lazarus Pit that Ra's Al Ghul uses....but I could be wrong.

Nonetheless, I could care less about Cap. There was a point in time when I followed Marvel as much as DC, but they in the last decade marvel has pissed me off with stupid crap, having characters do things WAYY out of character,just to sell books. (Wolverine in the Avengers? HELLO!) And everyone knew when Cap was "killed" that Steve Rogers would be back eventually. I mean it's Marvel, NOBODY stays dead. Except for Bucky...well, okay, apparently not.

And Cap Marvel....but um, I think he's back now too...SO, it's Marvel NOBODY stays dead!

(God, I am SUCH a comic book geek)


Project Christopher said...

huh? Cap is dead? I think the last superman comic I bought was in the 3rd grade..... my brother got the comic/artist gene. I've had a couple of recent Xmen, but that's more because it's legal porn :)

I think it would be funny if they let him win the election in the Marvel Universe.

the joy said...

Oh my God when I saw this on The Report yesterday it was about the funniest thing! I'm not a comic geek but it was still funny and informative.

cb said...

Not only is Red Robin freakin' hot, but he also makes one helluva hamburger!

Stephen Rader said...

tina - Obama & Edwards ARE hot together. Hmmmm.... I think someone should write a little slash fiction about them. I'd friggin' read it!!

polt - That damn Lazarus Pit. It's the DC Deus Ex Machina. Oy... And P.S. I picked up the new CAP issue. It's pretty good. Dear Lord...

chris - If you want legal, 2-d porn, go over to Shirtless Superheroes - - I link to it. TONS of hot comic book scans of barely clothed hard-bodied men. Yum...

the joy - It is damn funny! Baby, you and I watch the SAME shows on TV. We should be married!! Or become TIGHT girlfriends!!! :)

cb - True and double true!!