Saturday, January 05, 2008

Egg-cellent! I'm Egghead!

Doug over at I Get That A Lot has been having a little fun with Photoshop lately.

He sent me this adapted picture of my headshot and all I could think was, "Egghead!"

So, if anyone knows Chris Nolan, let him know that, after THE DARK KNIGHT, a Batman movie with The Penguin or The Riddler, Catwoman, Poison Ivy or Mr. Freeze would be tired...

"Been there. Done that. Have all the crappy movie posters."

...but a Batman movie centering on the Egg-static, Egg-cellent Egg-ventures of Egghead starring the one and only Stephen Rader would PACK the theatres with moviegoers who have been ACHING for a return to the character that Vincent Price made famous.

And really, when you think, "Vincent Price" you immediately think "Stephen Rader," right?

P.S. Doug also sent me a very NSFW picture where he did something else with my head. You can check it out here, but Doug, I love my bedmate, my abs and my killer pecs in this shot, but come on - - my cock is bigger than that!


Palm Springs Savant said...

that is an EGG-stremely good photo of you Stephen. 'specially the other one of you shooting things up! ;-)

Aaron said...

When we think of Vincent Price, we think of Coral Browne (Vera Charles), so yes, Vincent Price does make us think of a roundabout see? Everything's planned in some way.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...


Stephen Rader said...

rick - Oh, how I love that you took my Egg-static way of writing and ran with it! Egg-cellent!!! And (to echo your pun) that other picture definitely is a load of fun, isn't it?

Aaron - It all tracks back, doesn't it? :)

whim - That picture ain't right, is it?

Blockade Boy said...

Well, now I know who I'm casting in my musical remake of "Invaders from Mars." (If anybody can "jazz hands" a pair of tentacles, it's you, my friend.)

Bob said...

Love men with big foreheads!

ATwistedThought said...

I sure love me some Vincent Price.

Project Christopher said...




I've always known that Stephen had an EGGstra big peepee and sadly, I do believe that he has EGGzactly that face when he shoots at that point of EGGstacy!

Now Stephen, if you send that picture to your make believe boyfriend do you think he'll give you a call??
LOVE ya!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Stephen- thought you might want to drop by to see MY new Imaginary boyfriend..ZAC EFRON.

Zac and Rick

the joy said...

You kind of look like the generic type aliens from the twilight zone. Hilarious!

In the nsfw pic you clearly have something dirty on your mind.

Stephen Rader said...

blockade boy - That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my dancing! Thank you!!!! And you're right. :)

bob - That's me, baby!

a twisted thought - I'm right there with you.

chris - Who has time for boyfriends?!? I have to prepare for my role as Egghead! :)

rick - I can't wait!

the joy - Something dirty on my mind and something NICE in my bed!! WOOHOO!!

Anonymous said...

Oh.......Dear Christ.

Don't EVER do that again.


Steven said...

He ruined such a cutie! Now Egghead is all be thinking of every time I see that avatar. :-( But you're still cute. I'm well-known for saying "Egg-cellent" one too many times in a day.

Stephen Rader said...

Alex - I won't go around looking like Egghead if you'll stop flashing your vadge to Joseph Fiennes. Deal? :)

Steven - Even with a head shaped like a pineapple, you think I'm cute. Thank you, sweetie!!! You're the best!