Monday, January 28, 2008

Celebrate 38 Years in Two Nights: Just Add Vodka!

This time last week, I was out on the town and dressed to the nines celebrating my 38th birthday.

As you can see, for me "dressed to the nines" is a euphemism for "Birthday Cake Hat" accentuated with my version of Corey Worthington's "famous sunglasses."

Karen and Doug don't need such extreme accessories to look fabulous.
I, on the other hand, need all the props I can get.

One look at the stupid expressions on my face in these pictures and there can be no doubt that the vodka was FLOWING STRONG last week. Oy...


Angel - - so-named because he is one - - gave me the gift the cannot be blown out:
The Birthday Cake Hat! I love it.

It's big, bold and pastel - - just like I was in middle school back in '82 when I shoved my fat ass into my favorite teal sweater from Merry-Go-Round.


Philip gave the fantastic gift of the famous, yellow sunglasses.

I love them as well, but on me, they look less like Corey Worthington and more like that old Cher character "LaVern." By way of Corky from LIFE GOES ON.


Philip's intrinsic cuteness can pull them off, though. And that new boy he's going out with - - Jacob, seen here looking dashing in black leather - - is equally as cute, equally as funny and equally as fashion forward.

And he sells wine, so he's now my new best friend. Until he can't get that discount.


Kyle - - our cutie-patootie stage manager from LYLE - - came with his best friend and she knew EXACTLY how to meet me on my birthday. We were introduced and she said...

"Oh my god! You were the Cat in the Hat!
You're AMAZING!! I LOVED YOU in that show!"

See guys? That's all it takes to win me over. And if you have a super-sized penis, you don't even have to say all that. Just grab me by the neck and mumble, "You wanna?"


Tuesday at T's was packed with people.

There was one of my all-time favorite stage managers who became a valuable and cherished friend, Jeanne, accompanied by her beautiful girlfriend, Barb.

Thanks for buying my meal that night, you two. You're the best!


There were multi-talented actors like MK and Charissa

Look at all those drinks in front of Charissa.
Looks like she's in training to surpass me as "The Next Elaine Stritch."

Or are those MK's drinks. Hmmmmm.... STRITCHY!


There were super cute boys like Derek, Ryan and Andrew.

As you can see from his shirt, Ryan took over my long-held title of
"The Gay Blanche Deveraux of the Northside of Chicago. "

And yes, "Gay Blanche Deveraux" is redundant.


And the birthday celebration on Tuesday ended somewhere two of the hottest women in Chicago theatre - - Charissa and Dana - - were discussing something hush-hush...

I imagine Charissa is saying, "You think he's REALLY 38?"
and Dana replying, "Charissa, come on! He's 38 in dog years, maybe."

No, they both love me and plied me with drinks all night. Thanks to them and to everyone who came out last Monday and Tuesday to celebrate with me. I had an incredible time!


Polt said...

Philip and Jacob and Angel....*SIGH*.....

Hey, can you send them east for my birthday this year? I don't even need the birthday cake hat, cool though it may be.

Glad you had a great time!


philip said...

Hey Polt! How goes it? Do we need to find you some famous yellow glasses of your own? if I find some more I'll buy them and send them your way. Everyone deserves a little famous yellow glasses.
Or should i make yours purple?
xo P.

Stephen Rader said...

polt & philip - Get a room, you two. :)

And if you do get a room, can I watch?

Polt said...

Philip, my love, I would prefer purple, but I'll surely NOT turn down any gift for you.

And Stephen, if Philips up for it, I'll get a room. Of COURSE you can watch....we might even sell tickets and popcorn to the event. :)

HUGS, to both of you.

Bob said...

Happy Belated!!!

And I'd recognize those pics of Ts anywhere.

Palm Springs Savant said...

A very (belated) Happy Birthday girlfriend!