Tuesday, January 29, 2008

O & O in '09

I'm sure nearly everyone has seen this already, but here is Barack Obama giving David Letterman's Top Ten List on Thursday, January 24th.

The subject: Top Ten Barack Obama Campaign Promises.

Not that I dislike Barack, but the phrase "Media Whore" is slowly seeping into my mind when I think of him. I can't help but get the feeling that Obama is to gays and lesbians what Clinton was to gays and lesbians in '92.

And what did we get from Bill Clinton? "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Yay. Denial, lies and blatant prejudice. Who could ask for anything more?

I know Obama is for Civil Unions and not so much for Gay Marriage, but the last time I was on his site, I couldn't find one reference to gay and lesbian issues. If you find one, please send it to me, because that's the kind of omission that is veering me towards Hillary Clinton and/or John Edwards.

You know, John Edwards. One of the other guys running for the Democratic Nomination who the media seems to always forget is actually in the room. At the podium. Speaking.

And then, there's The Number One Barack Obama Campaign Promise from Letterman's list...

"Three Words:
Vice President Oprah"

Never have the words "Funny because it's true" contained more truth.


Aaron said...

"Three Words: Vice President Oprah"

Is it too late to buy property in Canada?

Mike said...

I've also been a little disheartened by Obama's gay and lesbian silence, but then I remember the Clintons brought us the Defense of Marriage Act and I swing back into his corner.

Also, there was this from last weekend:

In an address last week honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at a black church in Atlanta, Senator Obama made waves by lecturing the audience about homophobia. "We have scorned our gay brothers and sisters instead of embracing them," he said during the speech at Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Dr. King served as co-pastor with his father.

Joe Solmonese, the president of the Human Rights Campaign, a gay lobbying group, said he thought Mr. Obama’s speech was the first time a presidential candidate had brought up gay issues in front of a nongay audience without being prompted to do so. "This is dramatically refreshing," he said. "It’s a great day when we can look at a field of candidates and determine that we are comfortable with all of them on gay rights and move on to other issues."

Not that Type of Raven said...

I think this is the problem with Barack, he's very likeable but he has no depth, know what I mean? He seems to be in love with the idea of Being President than "Being" president.

ATwistedThought said...

Oprah is President of her own World so I doubt she would accept "vice" anything...Ambassador to the World is more likely.

Polt said...

Well frankly, pronouncing nuclear, nuclear, would be a very refreshing change, dontchathink?


jer said...

i heart hillary. that's all i'm sayin' about it.

Project Christopher said...

Any of them are the lesser of someone's evils. Still waffling myself right now. But you have to admit, #3 was funny! Pronouce Nuclear... Nuclear!

You have a Bushspeak link on your Blog, Stephen, so you have to admit that's funny!

Stephen Rader said...

aaron - Let's move there together. We'll be safe until the Big O buys Canada.

mike - Thanks for the info about Obama's speech. Isn't it pathetic that we gay people take a scrap like this - - some mention about us that says we deserve more made when we're not in the room - - and we turn the speaker into our hero? When really, he hasn't done all that much for us.

raven - Exactly! I'm not really sure what he specifically stands for.

a twisted thought - She'll just control things from the sidelines. And have Hermes napalmed.

polt - Yes, that is DEFINITELY a change for the better.

jer - I'm starting to sway that way myself.

chris - It is VERY funny. Bush. What a Mah-roon.

Kris Vire said...


There you go. Guess who I'm for.

Anonymous said...

like Okrah would take a pay cut like that! lol

Amorous Chick said...

I was going to reply with exactly what Raven replied with. He seems more like it's all about the "idea" of being president more so than actually doing a fine job once he gets there. Like he's just going through one hell of a long audition for some killer role in the next big blockbuster hit.


"Three Words: Vice President Oprah"

Yikes. =(