Wednesday, January 23, 2008

News Release: Fred Phelps Fails to Evolve a Thumb

I just read this over at A Twisted Thought and I had to pass it on.

The is a news release from Fred Phelps from his "God Hates Fags" web site.

No I'm linking to him or his site. I can barely type that name without projectile vomiting.

Mr. Phelps' unChristian hatred of anyone who is different from him or who doesn't share his DNA...

...And who DOES share Phelps' DNA? Or a better question: Who would ADMIT that they share his DNA?...

...his hate, his stupidity and his unconscionable lack of kindness and grace constantly amaze me.

It's a statement like this from Mr. Phelps that makes me think perhaps Darwin was wrong.

Thanks to A Twisted Thought for informing me of this.


Polt said...

Well Mr. (and I use that word loosely in this case) Phelps would know all about tacky buckets of slime and vomit, now wouldn't he?


Aaron said...

"Who would ADMIT that they share his DNA?..."

How could they? Toilet stains cannot speak...

Shirley Heezgay! said...

Is it any wonder that he continues to persist with his old testament, misinformed, forked tongue comments? If the American Public is willing to accept a criminal gov't, then this disillusioned scumfrog will continue to speak out against the things that most human beings, regardless of politics,sexuality,gender or race could never agree with.

supertiff said...

fucking disgusting.

Renee said...

What a vile, vile person he is. I have no other words for such people. Well, I do but 'vile' is the one that pops into my head first.

I really don't understand such hatred. *shaking head*


Not that Type of Raven said...

I simpy can not comprehend such hatred and narrowed mindedness.

Michael said... much......flames......flames on the side of my face.

Fucking jackass.

David said...

I really would have been disappointed if Mr. Phelps passed on such a press worthy opportunity. I mean, it makes perfect sense.

Mark in DE said...

I've never been able to understand how these "Christians" can reconcile this kind of behavior with what the rest of Christianity knows: God made and loves us all.

How self-righteous of them to presume that they can speak for God. Here's a link for everybody:

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

Devil's advocate speaking: the man has the right to disagree with other people's sexual persuasions.

That being said, who the fuck would desecrate a peaceful man's funeral? Dumb ass.

Stephen Rader said...

polt - He most definitely would!

aaron - Let's not be that insulting to toilet stains, now. :)

shirley - Fox News is more liberal than Phelps. Who knew that anything veered farther to the Right than Fox News?

supertiff - I absolutely agree

renee - Hatred in the guise of Christianity. Nothing more vile than that.

raven - Neither can I.

michael - Is there even a level of Hell low enough for him when he dies?

david - True. At least he's true to form. As always.

mark - Jesus would have a field day with Phelps, wouldn't he? Love each other and love God. That's what Jesus taught us. So simple and yet so completely unknown to Phelps.

dana - I agree that he has the right to disagree, but I think what is so bothersome is the way he spews hatred and calls it Christianity. It's the opposite of Christianity. And he'll never understand that. Perhaps we shouldn't hate him; perhaps we should pity him. He'll never understand the message that thinks he knows completely. And all that hate will circle him tenfold.

Tilly Screams said...

Obvious that all the religious terrorists are not Muslims.

Looks like there will be a "viewing" at Frank E. Campbell funeral home in NYC - where Judy Garland was laid out.

Being a native New Yawker, I'm looking forward to some good video clips of a NY ass-beating for the Phelps' if they have the cojones to show up.

Aaron said...

I don't think anybody disagrees with Phelps' "right to disagree" (although there's something irrationally intense and almost pathological about theirs), but the forums and fashions in which they choose to do it are odious and unforgivable.

As much as I don't necessarily want to see them get their asses whupped in NY (only because they'll use that as legal ammunition), it would give me a HUGE thrill to see someone put the hurt on them...after all the suffering they've caused so many, they deserve at least that much. Sorry, but it's true.

Well, they HAVE been successfully sued for $11 million by the family of that soldier they picketed in Baltimore a few years ago...they'll not have to pay out any money, probably, but it'd be nice if the legal fees ate up all their dough and they had to give up their outhouse and the steer horns over their fireplace. And the fireplace.