Tuesday, February 03, 2009

TMI Tuesday

It's a late-in-the-day TMI Tuesday...

1. When you sleep with someone, how much or how little contact do you like to have?

I hate to sound even remotely like Sarah Palin, but "Spoon, baby! Spoon!"

Sure, we both might move around in our sleep, but it sure is nice to fall asleep holding someone or being held.  

Sleeping with someone isn't a boxing match. It's not "Fuck, then go to your corners!"

2. What do you think there is a appropriate amount of time for a divorced parent to date before introducing the kids to the "new" "special" person in their life?

Well, from personal experience (meaning my father's introduction of my soon-to-be step-mother to me), I'd say one should wait more than two weeks.

And the child really shouldn't meet his future step-mother in a bar at 1:00 a.m. when his father's drunk and the new woman in his life passed "three sheets to the wind" three hours ago.

And most importantly, the new woman should try to talk softly, so that the child doesn't hear her say to his father, "Why don't you drop the kid off at home and come back to my place."

Because that really starts things off on the wrong foot, wouldn't you say?

3. Which ONE do you wish you had more of in bed... romance, experimentation or foreplay? 

D. All of the above.

It was either that or "E. All the guys from the 2009 Dieux du Stade calendar," but we all want that in our bed, don't we?

4. What do you thinks makes a kiss great?

The moment.

Seriously, sometimes you want soft and gentle and sometimes you want to be fucked like the whore you are. The best kissers know which moment is which.

5. Describe your sex life in two words.


If you count that as just one word, then my answer is: "Non-existent, bitch."

Bonus (as in optional): Do you remember a time when you were having sex that you smile or even laugh about now? Do tell....

I remember kissing one of my college boyfriends, Tony, while we were in bed listening to the radio. The song changed to James Taylors' "Fire and Rain," and for some reason, I started singing right at the top of the song - - "Just yesterday morning, they let me know you were gone" - - and Tony laughed right in my face. What a douche I must have looked like.

In general, though, I laugh and smile when I'm having sex. I quote Rob Lowe from St. Elmo's Fire...

"You're allowed to have fun 
when you're fuckin'!"


Aaron said...

Ah, for a pair of beautiful hairy legs to wake up next to, as pictured.

(The rest of the guy would be nice, too. It saves me having to use the saw...) ;-)

Polt said...

LOVE the #4 answer. It is SO true.


yellowdog granny said...

I would have sung along with you..but then Im not gay..so I wouldn't have been there in the first place.snort*

cb said...

I have to disagree. I like fucking and then retreating to separate APARTMENTS

Kevin said...

Dead-on balls accurate across the board. Damn the 2,000 mile divide. I can shoot, but not quite THAT far!

(Although count yourself lucky -- that distance is nature's own restraining order!)


whimsical brainpan said...

I hope the answer to #5 changes soon (for me as well).