Monday, February 02, 2009

"Coming From Tucson with Everyone Sleeping..."

Not only would it be CONSIDERABLY warmer, but also, if I lived in Tucson, I probably would watch football games after hearing about this...

"A Tucson television station's broadcast of the Super Bowl on Sunday was interrupted for some viewers by about 10 seconds of pornographic material, the station said.

"KVOA TV in Tucson released a statement saying that the only viewers who were able to see the material were those who receive the channel through Comcast cable.

"...the interruption came just after the Arizona Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald scored on a long touchdown reception during the final minutes of the game."

I never thought I would say this, but - - thank God I have Comcast cable!!!

And seriously, if every touchdown was followed by some really good porn - - gay or straight - - you can bet your sweet ass I'd be a Monday Night Football fanatic.

I already love that you can see their jockstraps through their white football pants. So, the whole "porn after a touchdown" thing would really seal the deal for me.

("whole 'porn'"... I just typed "whole 'porn'"... I think it's time for a sexy party.)


Project Christopher said...

"whole porn" were you glad you remembered to add the "w" in there?

Project Christopher said...

"whole porn" were you just glad you remembered to add the "w" in there?

Nick said...

Slightly off topic, but I love the song that the "Coming from Tucson" line comes from. It makes me all warm and nostalgic-ish, which, oddly, is the same way I feel looking at the picture of the boy you posted today.


Kevin said...

I used to have "sexy party" as my ringtone.