Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"My Only Can of Crisco... Is Where It's Supposed to Be."

Uh oh.

I'm sure this boy was hoping to be a kickass superhero like Wolverine.

He wanted that and what did he get? A big "G" on his chest.

He'll never hear the end of the gay jokes from the other superheroes. 

He might as well just call himself "The Hershey Highwayman" and be done with it.


Polt said...

He can call himself whatever he wants just so long as he calls me his "Lois Lane".

Or maybe I can be his "pal" and he can call me 'Jimmy Olsen'.

either way. I'm not picky. Not when it comes to shirtless guys like that one!


My friends call me Mitzi said...

He's Super Grover, Stephen. You can make him your very own muppet.

Think about it.

Now think about it again.

Good boy. Now get a towel and dry off.

philip said...

Stephen, do you still have the picture of me as Super Grover on Halloween?