Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Is He Strong? Listen, Bud. He's Got Radioactive Blood!"

What do you do when the nation's economy is in such a state of collapse that banks are failing, fathers and mothers can't afford to feed their children and tent cities are popping up all across America?

You open a new musical on Broadway with a 40 million dollar budget!

And you make sure the musical is about a costumed superhero, because those have done SO WELL in the past.

And you secure a rock band to write the music and lyrics. A rock band that has never before written the score to a musical.

And just so people won't think you've COMPLETELY lost your mind, you don't put "musical" in the title AT ALL. You call the new musical, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

WTF?!? Did Julie Taymor watch The Producers or something?!?

("I'm hysterical! I'm having hysterics! I'm hysterical!")

Worst of all is this piece of news from the New York Times article...

"...there (are) no plans to use or riff on the well-known theme song from the television cartoon series about the Marvel comic-book superhero."

That sucks. I don't care what Bono writes for this show, it can't surpass the brilliance of this...


cb said...

Is this finally enough proof that spiderman (and batman and the hulk...) have been done to death and should just be left alone???

Stephen Rader said...

cb - No, but it is proof that your glass is half empty. Gosh, girl. Bitter much? :)

Java said...

That's a cool song! Don't you wish you'd been in the chorus when they recorded that?

As for Spidey on Broadway, I think he's going to have to swing down from the buildings and come rescue the theater from this atrocity.

yellowdog granny said...

they're called 'Bush Camps'....and who is going to go see this rock opera with the economy in the dumper?...jeez

McCool said...

i'm SHOCKED Julie didn't team Elton John with the Jonas Brothers for the score. SACRILEGE!