Friday, February 06, 2009

Fratboy Friday


Yes, he's cute, but see the mark just above his left nipple? Here's a close-up.
Looks like some sort of crocodile-shaped tattoo, right?

Is that a LaCoste tattoo?!?
(And if so, why?!? So he can appear rich and label-conscious when shirtless?)

Or is he just a big fan of the Burt Reynolds movie, Gator?
(And if so, fuck him for stealing my idea! I love that damn movie!)



So, his sag doesn't show off any underwear. Big deal.

Who wants to think about underwear when going commando looks this good!

(Can anybody turn this into a 3-D picture for me? Anyone?...)





At first glance, these boys seem to be
young, dumb and straight-as-they-come. But y'all...

Two guys, one apartment, chartreuse on EVERY wall...

It doesn't really scream "We love pussy!," now does it?


james said...

yeay! it's friday and i'm in love -- with stephen's regular friday feature!

you know, when i was a concert-going, record-buying Mod, i had thought about getting the fred perry logo tattooed on my chest. didn't do it, though. still, i'd like to get a better look at that boy's 'gator. or crocodile. don't know the diff.

and um yeah, who needs to see the underwear when the commando shorts boy is obviously happy to be photographed here! wow! thank you mr. rader!

Ian said...

Damn, what an ass!

Peter said...

It shows what you get when you buy a fake Lacoste polo, it rubs off!

yellowdog granny said...

I just spit hot tea out of my nose..and even though it was painful I couldn't stop laughing..

Anonymous said...

You can turn that sagger somewhat 3D if you have a seancody membership. He has done some work for them and that is the pic they use of him on their site.

kansastock said...

Cheeky monkey indeed! Those fruit bowls just spotted my jeans.

Mark in DE said...

Too bad that sagger photo didn't enlarge when you click on it. Love that treasure trail!

LOL on the chartreuse commentary!

Have a fab weekend Stephen!!!