Friday, January 02, 2009

"Ask and Ye Shall Receive"

"Ask and ye shall receive."

That's been God's gig for centuries, but that damn book, The Secret, took God's idea, repackaged it and made a fortune. On someone else's creation. But just like Madonna's entire career, those who steal creativity never truly create anything. This is still God's gig.

If The Secret really worked, wouldn't Oprah be the size of Keira Knightley these days?

When you have the power of positive thinking AND an annual income of 100 million dollars, you should be able to do anything. I mean, Oprah can basically choose our nation's President but she can't accomplish what Valerie Bertinelli did in less than a year?

I'm calling shenanigans on The Secret.

Luckily, we don't need The Secret; we have Eric McCool.

After watching Leslie Uggams massacre June Is Bustin' Out All Over, Chris at As Seen From Up Here asked for a t-shirt that says, "You Hucka the Bejeepers!" And there was such a shirt. And it was good.

Check out the t-shirt (and many more items sporting "The Bejeepers") at this CafePress site. Thanks Eric!


cb said...

I know I'm hoping to have MY bejeepers hucka'ed soon!!

Aaron said...

"What Valerie Bertinelli did in less than a year"

And Marie Osmond, too!

I think it's brilliant that this shirt now exists. I may just have to get one. The fact that nobody will "get it" except our little circle makes it all the more special...!

Java said...

Oh, Stephen, I Hucka the Bejeepers out of you!

Project Christopher said...

It's often even funnier when there's a shirt that only a few would understand. I failed to get one while the show was here, but I saw a shirt on the street in Chicago that, on the front said "I said" and on the back "HELL NO". I I didn't need to see the small print that said Color Purple... I just knew because I'm one of those fags that can overquote a movie.
Eric! thanks for granting my wish! I'm off to get my own HuckaBejee shirt NOW!