Tuesday, January 06, 2009

"Thundercats! Ho!"

My best friends in high school - - you know who you are - - nicknamed me "Lion-O." 

Well, that was one of my nicknames. Others were "Curby," because, when I first started driving, I would run my car up onto the curb. A lot. At rather high speeds. 

I was also called "BJ," because I got my first blow job on a school bus late at night when our chorus was coming back from some gig. A blow job from a girl, mind you. And because my mind was obviously on other things at the time, I didn't realize (or perhaps didn't care) that SEVERAL people were watching me get my first blow job. And my first ENORMOUS hickey. On my neck. She didn't put a hickey on my penis. Thank God.

My friends called me Lion-O because I had rather big and really bad hair. Yes, me with hair. I had it and it wasn't pretty. So my friends chose a sort of ridiculous cartoon character with EXTREMELY bad hair and named me after him. 

Well, after seeing this gentleman from some comic-con dressed as Lion-O and after watching this fan-made Thundercats trailer (in which Lion-O is played by the always yummy - - except when he's made up to be a really old man - - Brad Pitt), I think my high school friends will wish that they had nicknamed me more accurately.

I'm obviously more of a Cheetara. Even though, these days, I look like a Panthro.


Java said...

Well, you took care of that bad hair problem, didn't you?

Interesting first bj story. I'm curious (and maybe you've said this before and I missed it), have you ever had sex with a girl besides the bj?

Bunny said...

I was too distracted by the "blow job from a girl" revelation to read the rest of the post.

I'm WilyKit!

Stephen Rader said...

java - Nope, that's about as far as I've gone with a girl. Once I kissed someone with 5 o'clock shadow, it was all over. :)

bunny - WilyKit! Ho!

McCool said...

um.....i'm confused

Merrjane*e said...

LOL, I used to watch thundercats!!! "THUNDER! THUNDER! THUNDER CATS HOOOOOOO!!!!!" haha.

I had a nickname of marijuana, ghetto really. I have had it all my life. Even till now. And, I have never done the drug.

Well there was intermediate school where they called me marytunta. God knows why they added tunta. Is there a fish called tunta? LOL

Hawaii people are just sometimes very very... uniquely creative haha.

Kristie said...

I thought you two went all the way?

Love the video, someone has way too much time on there hands to put that much work into a thundercats skit.

cb said...

Funny... I always saw you more as a "Snarf"

David said...

These people have way too much time on their hands.