Monday, January 26, 2009

"Oh, Christmas Tree. Oh, Christmas Tree..."

On Sunday, November 9th of this past year, I mentioned in a post that, as I walked home from the bus stop, I saw a lit and fully decorated Christmas tree prominently displayed in front window of the one of the buildings that I passed.

I actually saw that Christmas tree three days earlier. On Thursday, November 6th.

And folks, I walked by that same window tonight and I can report that the Christmas tree is still up.

Still fully decorated. Still lit.

To the People in the Apartment on Cornelia Near the Lake: Christmas is over! The holidays are done! Get a fucking life! Take down the tree!

My mother suggested I gather together some friends, walk over to the apartment, stand under the window and sing Christmas carols. Incessantly.

Who's with me?


Kristie said...

I do have to agree that is a bit much. The caroling would be hilarious, can you say awesome youtube skit.

RAD said...

WTF--It needs to come down!! its pretty funny it still!

Shirley! said...

NO! Is that a pic of the actual tree?

Regardless! It's a crime! It's one thing to have your yard lights up since the snow is too high to get to them, but a TREE???

There's a BEST BEFORE date on those things!

Kevin said...

Yeah, I'm with you there. As a kid, in WI, we left ours up way too long. But now (and I'm still a big Christmasaholic) once it's over, it's over.

(Although I HATE taking it all down.)

Anonymous said...

Maybe no-ones at home, they're having an extended vacation, or run out of money and fled the city...

Java said...

I'll zip up to Chicago, we can go sing Christmas carols under the window for as long as our voices hold out, then go get some coffee, hot chocolate, hot toddies and have a rollicking good time.

Damn, I wish I could really do that!

Aaron said...

Not just any carols, either. "We Need A Little Christmas" from "Mame." Over and over and over.

Project Christopher said...

LET'S DO IT! Count me in. When do we go?

F6's Editor said...

Not to put the damper on this, but it could be that they are Traditional or Independent Catholics or Orthodox Catholic; therefore the decor stays up til the 2nd of February, when we close the Christmas Season with the God Child being circumcised. It is a minor feast but technically the last one of the Christmas Season as it is 40 Days later.

It is the ultimate irony for a "religion" that abhors sexual expression to close its second holiest season by concentration on a baby boy's Divine penis. And they wonder why a greater percentage of Catholic boys come out of the closet, yeah right.

As far as the Carolin along, Id be right there with you if I could afford to go to Chicago.

james said...

damned orthodox christians!

i only found out last year that there was an actual 'feast of the circumcision' among catholics. mainly observed among italians, poles, eastern/southern europeans.