Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Mephistopheles in Manolos"

I am obsessed with this video. 

I've probably watched it at least 20 times this weekend.

This is the bootleg video of a scene from the off-Broadway production of Douglas Carter Beane's play, The Little Dog Laughed.

I saw About Face Theatre's production of this a year or so ago, but nothing really compares to watching the incredible Julie White in this, her Tony-winning performance.

I don't think the scene needs much set up, but just in case..

Julie plays Diane, a ruthless Hollywood agent - - described in one review of the play as "Mephistopheles in Manolos" - - who represents Mitchell (played here by Neal Huff), a movie actor whose career is on the rise. 

Mitchell has, as Diane describes it, a "slight recurring case of homosexuality" (which she is trying to curtail), and in this scene, they are at a lunch meeting with a playwright, hoping to convince "He Meaning Him" to give them the rights to his gay play, so they can turn it into a movie vehicle for Mitchell. A straight movie vehicle...

My favorite line comes at the 6:54 mark. The "cherry" line. Genius.


D said...

I am so happy you found this-- I saw her perform the role in NY and no one else can compare!

Anonymous said...

I loved her in Grace Under Fire, but then, that whole series was genius.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahah! Hahahaha! Ha!
Stephen. You have *my* word. ;)

McCool said...

I love her, I love this and I love you for sharing this.


ps - and you can can have my soon as archeologists dig it up.