Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Point Me Toward Tomorrow"

What do you get when you cross a Marvin Hamlisch tune - - a showtune that was, basically, the Defying Gravity of the 70's - - with Stephen Colbert's comedy and (sorry Ian...) Christine Ebersole's voice?

Well, you get "America's Worst President: An Administration in Revue" (to borrow from that Will Rogers Follies tagline). Political commentary in showtune form. You know I love it!

This is sort of like the idea that Hell is not fire and brimstone, it's a gigantic movie theatre. The seats are filled with your friends, family and loved ones, and you sit down in the middle of them all. The lights dim and as the movie starts, you realize that you are watching your life played out, not just in front of you, but also in front of everyone you every cared about. All of your life. Every minute of it. So that, all of the possibly shameful or immoral things you did because no one was looking or no one would know, all those moments are shown in sparkling Cinemascope, over and over, for everyone you love.

God, I hope that happens to Bush! Then again, if he's sitting in a room filled with his family, they might slap him on the back and congratulate him. And Jeb would just envy him. 

Thank God the 8 years is over.


Project Christopher said...

"a Marvin Hamlisch tune - - a showtune that was, basically, the Defying Gravity of the 70's"

Does that mean that in the 70's you were bitching about a song that 90% of the rest of the country loved too???

Stephen Rader said...

No, in the 70's I was bitching because I couldn't reach the liquor cabinet!

That said, Donna McKechnie didn't have to put on a big cape, paint her face green and ride a Genie (a.k.a. "lame flying") to land her number. She just threw on some leg warmers and let 'er rip!!! :)

whimsical brainpan said...

"Thank God the 8 years is over."


LMFAO! "I feel like someone is waterboarding my heart." Genius!

McCool said...


sidenote: Not sure WHY, but the three years I was in high school....every Homecoming Queen was announced at halftime while the band played What I Did For Love...and they were always escorted on the field by their fathers...hmmmmm.

Christopher said...

Am I only person who wished they'd stop interupting the showtune with news clips? Yea, so maybe that was the point or whatever, but I'd much rather monitor the places where Christine was inappropriately flipping up to her head voice.