Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Are You Trying to Win Me Over? Because You Kind of Suck at It"

DC has cancelled the latest incarnation of The Blue Beetle (teenager Jaime Reyes), and though I didn't collect the series at all during its run, after reading this little exchange he had with Oracle, I wish DC would give Jaime one more chance as The Blue Beetle in a solo book.

Oracle: "If Guy Gardner wanted you dead, you'd be dead."

Jaime: "Are you trying to win me over? Because you kind of suck at it."

Oracle: "... I'm going to dispatch a Birds of Prey operative to your area."

Jaime: "Birds of Prey?"

Oracle: "Yes."

Jaime: "So they're like super-powered birds?"

Oracle: "No!"

Jaime: "They have bird-powers?"

Oracle: "No."

Jaime: "Do they at least have bird code names?"

Oracle: "One does."

Jaime: "Annnnnd we're back to you sucking."


Polt said...

They canceled it? I hadn't heard that. I have the whole series. It's never been a favorite of mine, but it was always quirky and funny and never took the character too seriously. Kinda like early Keith Giffin on the JLA...before he went too nuts with everything.

Maybe you can find a graphic novel collection? It's worth the read. :)


F6's Editor said...

Classic DC, if there was any other character that isnt obviously gay/bi curious (and voiced by Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher, ST:TNG) in the recent BATMAN animation collaboration) it is the Blue Beetle Boi (BILERICO), so of course they are going to cancel him or kill him off.

What they needed was a sexier costume. If I remember my BB correctly he was always the antithesis of Robin (leather boi vs. bitch boi). Still keep the fuck me boots and the fist me please gloves, have the moniker tatooed to his chest but only visible to the good guys (sort of like radioactive or black light sensitive) unless he is in the roll of the superhero and then just have him run around in an iTunes blue bikini and assless leather chaps with a harness that has a beetle where the center ring should be on the sternum. Otherwise it should be khakis and a white tshirt, so that the tattoo moniker can still "bleed through" the white and he just looks like a buff fan boi during the day.

If they did that and kept him bi-gay curious but open it would do wonders for their sales. And there doesnt even have to be sex involved in the comic, just the tease like DC is well known for already.

Viking Zombie Boyfriend said...

I gave the first six issues a shot, and just couldn't get into the story. (Honestly, when your archvillain is a non-powered criminal organization with a leader named "La Dama", you've already lost me.) And more inportantly (to me!) the hero's costume was ridiculously over-designed. Those little powder-blue ellipses on the thighs... do we really need those? Or the tube-fingers? And it always bugged me that he didn't have a nose. Buy yourself a nose and get back to me, Blue Beetle. I'm sure one of them Knots Landing gals has an old one just lying around.

But on the serious, it sounds like it did get a lot better later on. And it sounds like it had a great sense of humor, which most mainstream DCU books lack nowadays. Ah, well.

Kevin said...

OK, yeah, that exchange is awesome.

Happy birthday, Stephen. I've been trying out 39 for a month or so now -- not bad, I guess ...

Project Christopher said...

I do like that dialogue... AAANnnnnd we're back to sucking.... :) LOL

Sassy bitch... just like you!