Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"All the Lidda Bidda Dridges and They Hucka the Bejeepers..."

Like so many things in life, this magically and brilliantly appears, brings incredible amounts of happiness and joy, and then it's gone, suddenly and without warning.

I've posted this before - - twice actually - - but for those who have never seen it, here's a little piece of Heaven to start your celebration of the New Year...

This is Leslie Uggams massively fucking up the lyrics to Rogers and Hammerstein's June Is Bustin' Out All Over!

This makes me so happy.

Whoever it was who took the time to sift through Ms. Uggams revision of Mr. Hammerstein's lyrics (subtitled in the video the second time it's played) deserves an award of some kind. Or a medal. 

It was probably a gay man, so a blow job from me is a given. Not because he wrote down the crazy lyrics. Because he's gay. And alive. And has a penis. For I am a slut.

A slut who can remember the correct lyrics to June Is Bustin' Out All Over instead of these from Ms. Uggams...

June is bustin' out all over,
all over the meadow and the hill.
All the bug'n out of bushes,
and the rum an' river rishes,
all the little wheels that wheel
beside a bill!

June is bustin' out all over,
a @#$% &$#@ #@#$$ *#@#$ tens.
All the lidda bidda dridges,
and they hucka the bejeepers
out of all the morning glories 
or the fez!

Because it's June...
June, June, June!
Just because it's June, June,

Her phrasing of the final "June!" as "Joan!" is my favorite. Happy New Year, everyone!


Project Christopher said...

You're so mean! I mean honestly... isn't she saddled enough by the fact that she's got a fucked up name like Uggams? Odds are, based on her fumblymumbling her way through that song, that her name isn't really Uggams, but in fact, when she was asked for her name for her SAG card it went like this.

SAG Agent: What's your name?

Leslie: Leslie Ann Warren - get to know that name cracker!

SAG: I do know it, we already have one, pick another last name

Leslie: Uuuuuuhhh

SAG: Uggams it is. (STAMP card) NEXT!

Project Christopher said...

btw.... can we get tshirts that say "You Hucka the Bejeepers!"

cb said...

LOL!!!! Ok, so that made me laugh out loud-- what a fuckup!

It's like Maria Callas forgetting the lyrics to Carmen and making shit up. In another language.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the best clip on the internet.


just me said...

Happy New Year, cutie!

Kevin said...

In choir in high school, we sang a Carousel medley. Every song from that damn show. And I hated every one.

Yes, even "You'll Never Walk Alone."

But mainly because of this song ... and "We Had a Real Nice ... Clam ... Bake ..."


Jackie said...

Perhaps Leslie thought she would have a big hit like Ella did forgetting the lyrics to Mack the Knife? But, she ain't Ella.

Aaron said...

I do love to watch her make her way along the aisle, because you get to see everyone's glazed smile in the audience. My favorite is the guy in the white suit sitting on the right about halfway down--his smile falters just a teeny bit when the train-wreck REALLY begins...

Christopher said...

Stephen, once again, you have saved my day with this post.

Oh, and Project Christopher? T-shirts? YES.

Joie Mayfield said...

Happy New Year, Stephen!! :)

Thanks for the laughter today, lol.

McCool said...


Your wish is my command AND 50% of net proceeds goes to Season of Concern...

Scooter said...

OMG! This is hysterical!!! Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

I'd say Judy was bustin'out all over. Was she doing a Garland routine or what??

JaiDee said...

Forgive me if I get this wrong, cuz I was just a little bugger when it happened. It might be one of those "false [abuse] memories" Back when Sing Along with Mitch was on TV, I believe that Leslie Uggams was one of the house singers... You may remember that that was the show where they subtitled the words to the songs and there was a bouncing ball. Perhaps Leslie regressed back where she once agains needed to read the words.

BTW Mr/Ms Anonymous- I'm assuming you've seen the tape of Garland destroying the words to Mel Torme's standard "The Christmas Song" while the man himself is accompanying her on the piano... Leslie may win though, for sheer misplaced enthusiasm