Tuesday, December 02, 2008

"How Can a Voice Be Racist?"

The VGL Boys knock this one out of the park. Here is their Recession Video.

Watch Cole move his lips when Jeffery speaks at the 1:25 mark. It made me pee a little.

These boys are definitely VGL and incredibly funny. My favorite is when Cole does Bernadette Peters. It's genius!


Project Christopher said...

what does VGL stand for? I thought I knew but then you said these guys were... so now I'm not so sure.... does it mean Very Ginormous Lisp?

Anatomicsd said...

I didn't realize they had so many videos! I'm going to have to YouTube more often.

Daniel said...


"Here's a fact: every baby you know is racist."


Mark in DE said...

Loved the two 'mama' imitations!

Mark :-)