Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Santa Didn't 'Use to Do' Anything"

I posted this last year, but it definitely bears repeating.  

This is my favorite David Sedaris story - - Six to Eight Black Men

If you enjoyed any of the stories from his Holidays on Ice, you will love this comparison of our Santa Claus to the Dutch St. Nicholas.

David Sedaris' stories are always wonderful, but when he reads his own work as he does in these videos, nothing is funnier.


Java said...

You're batting 1000 with the humor today. This is the second time you've had me in stitches.

anatomicsd said...

I've been reading Sedaris for the last couple of weeks but that's the first time I've heard his voice. Not at all what I was expecting.

Mark in DE said...

A friend burned me a CD of David Sedaris reading in Carnegie Hall (I think) for a road trip I had to take, and I nearly wrecked the car laughing about 6-8 black men.

Aaron said...

"As a child, you get to hear the an adult, you get to REPEAT it."

Hysterical. I love the visuals in the video, too, especially the Many Faces of Santa falling off the horse. (To me, they all kind of looked like Doris Day's father in her sitcom.)