Wednesday, December 03, 2008

"Wear It Daily"

As Karen drove Eric and I back to the northside after this past Monday's Chicago AIDS Quilt Songbook concert, Eric noticed that the lights of one of the buildings downtown were arranged in the shape of a ribbon.

And as we pass the other side of the building, we saw the words, "Fight AIDS." Whoever helped make this citywide message possible, thank you.

Now that World AIDS Day 2008 is over, we will move on to other battles - - cancer, homelessness, unemployment, Gay Marriage, ageism, sexism, racism - - but in the coming year, let's remember the tagline for Eric's Wear It Daily line on Cafe Press...

"Because AIDS Doesn't Just Exist on December 1st..."

Eric donates 50% of all the profits from Wear It Daily to Season of Concern. He's the real deal.


Aaron Hunt said...

I am so very proud of you. And I like this Eric kid quite a lot, too.

Project Christopher said...

"Eric kid" tee hee ;) I like that Eric kid a lot too... and I'm SO going to tease him about being called a kid too :) (sorry Aaron, anything I can use to tease Eric is fair game :) )

I'm SO impressed that the building had that on there! When I was at AFC it always felt that to get the city to recognize AIDS was about as hard as curing the disease itself. To have one of the buildings do this so well.... i'm in awe!

What a good feeling!

Mike said...

At first, I got excited because I thought this was my office's building since they have such a prime location and are prone to do such messages. You (and the rest of the world) would have seen it spelling "USA" on Election Night from the Obama rally.

But based on the buildings next to it in the picture, it doesn't look like it. And I don't think we can do any messages on the other side of the building (because that side is open atrium glass.)

So my main point for posting is to point out that, at least when my company spells messages, they have an actual computer program to design which window shades need to be raised or lowered, and they have a team of people who go floor to floor make it happen. So the fact that somebody took the time to do such a thing for something other than a sports championship should be even more applauded.

kbronson said...

Yay! The picture turned out! So cool to see that message driving back from the concert!

McCool said...

A) Seeing as I'm 41...Anyone under 50 that calls me a "kid" is GOLD in my book.

2) It was the CNA Building

XOXOXOX to ya Stephen

and Christopher...BRING IT ON!

eric "the kid"

Aaron said...

I saw that last year when I was driving home from somewhere, too. I will say, despite being almost unlivably expensive now (to a hostile degree), our city does make the appearance of taking its causes seriously! (Now, if they'd just quit slashing the budget for AIDS care and research...)