Monday, December 22, 2008

"She Made a Holiday Ornament Out of a G-String"

As we start this holiday week, we need a little Katie's Corner. Especially when she's telling us how to make holiday ornaments.

I love you, Alex, but as my mama would say, "You ain't right."  That said, keep these Katie's Corner videos coming. 

P.S. The comment about the cherry nearly killed me. Brilliant.


Anonymous said...

I love that. Reminds me of Evie Harris a bit.

Just Kevin... said...

OMG I have a new internet obsession. Thank you Stephen. Just what I need...ANOTHER excuse to get on the internet.

Java said...

Oh my. That's different. I want to have that much fun with duct tape. :)

Bob said...

This is amazing.

Kevin said...

Christ on a cracker.

I say that all the time. I have never heard anyone else ever say it. I peed.

And then Pia Zadora. And wieners.

Clean up on aisle 3.

Lance Noe said...

"Left eye" made my howl!

Aaron said...

She does THE BEST Katherine Hepburn impression I've ever seen. EVER. And she's much prettier than the real one ever was, too. (I always thought the real KH looked like a lantern-jawed Aryan bitch. Alex makes her likeable!)

Shirley! said...

OMG, I should have watched this ages ago!

What a great impression. I really needed that.

"And of course, batteries. To keep everything...uh...moving."


Mark in DE said...

OMG, I wish I'd seen this before the holidays. I'd have sent it to everyone in my address book.