Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"What'll I Do?"

Check it out!  

Yesterday, I was one of the Five Things to Do Today at Time Out Chicago!

Well, "I" wasn't a thing to do. Not me personally. It was Porchlight Music Theatre's holiday sing-a-long and I was one of the performers. We had a blast last night!

No, if yesterday, "I" had been listed as one of the Five Things to Do Today at Time Out Chicago, I would be too exhausted to write this. I'd be recovering.

I'd have a smile on my face the size of Nebraska, but I'd be recovering. And grateful. Oh so grateful. 


Project Christopher said...

you may not be listed as One of the "Things to Do Today" in Time Out Chicago, but we all know the success of your "For a Good Time Call" ads in BOI magazine!

Aaron said...

I hope you had a blast! I'm sorry I didn't get to see it!

My friends call me Mitzi said...

I was gonna say, sign me up!

Kris Vire said...

Not to take credit (he said, while taking credit), this was my doing. Hope you had a great turnout!