Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"I Think Lance Bass Is Fruity"

As we all try to recover from yesterday's news about Rod Blagojevich hanging a "For Sale to the Highest Briber" sign on Barack Obama's soon-to-be vacant Senate seat, there couldn't be a better time to hear from Miss Lola Rose.

Here's her brand new video discussing Gay Hollywood, filmed by Miss Lola's lovely and talented daughter, Jill Abrams.

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Aaron said...

I love this woman. Did I mention that before? LOVE her. And she's right on all counts, too.

Except with regard to Anne Heche, I would argue that her career is not "back on track." And it's not because she came out as "gay," either. It's because she broke up with Ellen and went back to being "straight." She was never gay. She used Ellen to boost her career, then ditched her when she was done, just as she dated/screwed/dumped all of her co-stars in all of her projects, from "Another World" to the movies. I think people perceived that she was phony and nuts and they don't like her...

I dunno. Call me crazy. (Get it? "Call Me Crazy?" Ba ha. BA HAHAHAHHAHA!!)