Friday, December 26, 2008

Fratboy Friday


Look buddy, Christmas is over...

But since your shirt is off, you can leave your hat on.



Gang symbols the day after Christmas.

Classy. Really classy...



Dude, you're not even facing the right way...

Lay off the egg nog, dear.



I know it was yesterday, but I want to sit on your lap
and beat the Christmas rush.

So to speak...

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.


Java said...

For me the holiday lasts all week, through New Year's Day. These fine fellas help the spirit continue. Thanks!

F6's Editor said...

Just be thankful they are still celebrating half naked.....and bouncing their booties around the Christmas tree or the mistletoe still. I wont complain any, lol.

BTW, just so you are aware, The Christmas or Easter Octave is where Catholics take 8 days to celebrate One Feast. Traditional Catholics celebrate Christmas all the way to Epiphany on or around the 6th. In the Liturgical Cycle Christmas isnt over with til @ 12th of January, and some even keep the decor up til the 2nd of Feb on the date certain Feast of Jesus' Circumcision aka The Presentation In The Temple, (40 Days later).

You got love any religion that is so anti sexual ending its second holiest season on a Festival dedicated to revealing the head of a boys penis to the world.

Michael said...

Not just gang symbols....he's flashing the SHOCKER!

Anonymous said...

As a flaming faux-mosexual I look to you for wisdom and wit. Thank you for your posts this year and I look forward to a rollicking '09!

Mark in DE said...

Hope your holidays were fantastic!