Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oscar De La Hey Grrrlll!!!

I just saw this over at Super Underwear Perverts and I'm a bit... well, SHOCKED.

Go with me here...

This is cute and incredibly hot Oscar De La Hoya...

And while I'm all for dressing up in whatever "gear" gets your biscuits burnin', how does Oscar go from the silky feel of boxing shorts to fishnets (not just covering his legs but covering nearly HIS ENTIRE BODY!), black pumps and... ummm... boxing gloves?!?

I mean, BOXING GLOVES?!? That's just bad accessorizing if you ask me.

But then again, maybe the boxing gloves are a nice addition, because when he takes them off, he adds a stylish hat... and... ummm... a really, Really, REALLY bad wig.

Suddenly, Britney at the VMA's doesn't look so bad, does it?

Check out all the photos at x17online and help me figure out if indeed the whole world has GONE GAY!

And if it has, what will happen to me? Will I just explode with faggotry?

Or will the opposite come true and I will become just your average, run-of-the-mill homo?

If that happens, you can bet your sweet ass I will morph into Luisa from THE FANTASTICKS faster than you can say "Much More," and start singing and praying...

"I am special. I am special!
Please, God. Please. Don't let me be NORMAL!!"

P.S. Is that really him? Is it?


Shirley Heezgay said...

Towerload is saying these pictures are fakes.

They look pretty real to me.

Not that Type of Raven said...

They were talking about this on the morning radio show, the majority say, they're fake.

Fake or not - dude! I wish my legs look so nice in fishnets and THOSE heels!

Kristie said...

Here's what DeLaHoya had to say
"LOS ANGELES, Calif. (September 20, 2007) " Oscar De La Hoya is fighting mad over some questionable photos of the boxer that have surfaced online.

The photos, which depict the boxer in a full-body fishnet suit and black high heels in some suggestive poses, were posted by the photo agency X17 Online on Wednesday.

Speculation has arisen questioning the authenticity of the photos, with some suggesting the pictures may have been digitally altered to make it appear as if it's really the former boxing champ smiling for the cameras.

Additionally, De La Hoya insists the photos are not real.

A lawyer for the boxer released the following statement to Access Hollywood:

"Oscar does know the woman who we believe is selling these photographs to the tabloid media. But he assures me that the photos are phony. He has asked me to pursue his legal remedies. Because we are contemplating legal action, Oscar will make no further comment at this time."

However, X17 stands by the their photos.

In a statement on their Web site, X17 Online says "regarding the possible Photoshopping of the images " we got a letter from Oscar's lawyer today and while they'd love us to take down the pix, they didn't initially dispute their authenticity!"

Anonymous said...

If they are fake, the artist deserves an "Oscar" for best special effects.
God, even I'm groaning at that one.

Polt said...

I dont know if they're real or not, but I'd do him, fishnets or no fishnets.

And your title to this post...hiLARious!


cb said...

They have GOT to be fakes. I want to stab out my eyes after seeing him in the fishnet bodysuit! Oscar is too pretty for that.

Angel ABC said...

As much as I'm gay, I have to call up your blog to keep my finger on the pulse of that throbbing vein of gayness. From Leslie Uggam's June! June! Jooaaaannnn! to this little Oscar-worthy gem, I always feel my gay sensibility is up-to-date. Keep up the great work!

Valyna said...

Damn... he looks better in heels than I do :(

Stephen Rader said...

Shirley Heezgay - They look real, but if they are real, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?!?!?!

Not That Type of Raven - Yep, Oscar does have some nice legs. Or is that Tim Curry? Hmmm...

Kristie - Wow! Smell those folks over at x17online!! Looks like they've got Oscar by the short and curlies. Unless he shaved those for the photo shoot. :)

Dana - I think Oscar deserves an Oscar for his role as Buffalo Bill in the remake of THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS!!! I can just see Oscar in those fishnets saying, "It puts the lotion on it's skin, or else it gets the hose again!"

Polt - Thank you!! Everytime I hear, "Hey grrrlll!!" I'm instantly transported back to my late teens in a Southern gay bar watching FABULOUS drag and getting the education of a lifetime!!!

CB - Yes, but what I love about them as fakes is that the person who created them went THAT FAR!!! Not just drag but Britney VMA drag!!

Angel - Baby, if this is "all the news that's fit to print" in the gay world, we are in serious, serious trouble! Where's Cher when you need her?!?!?

Valyna - I seriously doubt that! Something tells me you look DAMN HOT in heels!!!! And when a Kinsey 6 says you're hot in heels, you are friggin' hot in heels!!!

Boxing News said...

these pics are spot on...

Mattress Monster said... la hoya in tights, now who's been a naughty boy then.