Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mr. Gunn: Flip Flops - Pro or Con?

Today on CBS News Sunday Morning, style guru and My New Imaginary Boyfriend Tim Gunn was interviewed about the dreaded footwear that just ain't going away no matter what we do...

The Flip Flop

Right out of the gate, he had this to say...

"I would that it goes hand in hand with 'Get thee to a pedicurist!'"

After discussing how the flip flop is embedded in our culture and here to stay, no matter who wears them to The White House, the show makes mention of extremely high-end flip flops.

There's a $850 pair made by Dolce & Gabbana, or these by Havaianas with a strap that is inlaid with diamonds and 1,636 feathers made out of 18 karat gold that cost - - and this is the truth - - the "actual retail price" as Bob Barker used to say - - $19,840!!

My last CAR didn't cost that much!

Do you know how many hustlers you can buy with $19,840?!?

Well, I don't but Ted Haggard does...

Anyway, Charles Kuralt mentions in the voice over that, when they're that expensive, you mustn't refer to them as a flip flop.

Mr. Gunn responded with...

"You spent HOW MUCH for a FLIP FLOP?!?"

"Once it becomes embellished and dressed up, people start to refer to it as a 'sandal'"

(He lets out a HUGE laugh)

"So, they take it out of the "flip flop genre" or they try to, but once a flip flop, always a flip flop."

Marry me, Tim Gunn. Marry me.

Failing that, can I be the next Andrè?


"Where the Hell is my chiffon?!?"


Palm Springs Savant said...

I'll FedEx over a precious pink chiffon number for you darlin. You'll be as pretty as can be in it...and Tim will flip for ya

Stephen Rader said...

Rick - Really? Do you think he'll take me to the Red Lobster, too?!?! :)

Tina said...

Sorry, it trunced by URL -
LL Bean, you gotta love em.

Stephen Rader said...

Tina - I have to agree with you - - I do love em!!!! Nice!!!

I'm not much of a flip flop guy myself, but between you, me and the drag queen on the corner named "Iona Traylor," I kinda find feet... sexy...

Not to lick or rub on my naughty parts or anything - - although I have been with guys who like that and I'm all for whatever floats your boat - - but I just really, shall we say, "enjoy" the look of them.

Dear Lord, men are such visually horny bastards. We have the ability to find even badly hung drywall sexy. That's either a blessing or a curse; I haven't quite figured out which.

Master Aaron said...

Am I missing something? I probably am, I don't know who this guy is, so take back my gay/bi/I'll-do-you-for-cash card. But he is SO not cute enough for you! He's the first IBF to which I've taken objection.

Stephen Rader said...

Master Aaron - Trust me, if you spent 5 minutes listening to and watching Tim Gunn, you would fall in love with him. He's on PROJECT RUNWAY and he now has his own Bravo show entitled "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style." Check it out. You'll love it AND him.