Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Holy Happy Birthday, Batman!

Today is Adam West's birthday.

Yep, that's him.

That's Adam West.

Pretty damn hot for one of the funniest guys in show business.

Mr. West is 79 years old today.

To celebrate the birth of the 60's Batman, I give you this little scene from the BATMAN movie that was made after the first season of the tv show.

Batman and a bomb. Comedic brilliance.

"Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb!"

Happy birthday, Mr. West!

I'll be doing The Batusi in your honor all day today!


Michael said...

I saw that in the paper on the way to work and nearly shat. HOW THE HELL IS HE 79?!?!?!?!

Stephen Rader said...

Michael - Well, the 60's WERE nearly 50 years ago. I can't quite believe it, but it's true! :)

Kristie said...

Happy Birthday Mr. West.

In keeping with the superhero theme. Have you seen this new trailer. It looks wicked cool.

Dovajorth said...

I share a birthday with Adam West?!!!
Also, Twiggy, Joan Lunden, Jimmy Fallon and Cheri Oteri (same exact birthdate as her).

Cool! I feel like a superhero! To the batcave!

Stephen Rader said...

Kristie - Have I seen it?!?! I've MARRIED IT!!! It is WICKED COOL!!!

Doug - Happy Birthday!!!!! Atomic engines to power. Turbines to speed!!! Have a great birthday!! Big plans?!?!?

Master Aaron said...

Mr. West "bent" for the homoerotic began at an early age, I see. Good for him! And let this be a lesson to us all: We should have those shirtless pictures taken immediately post-puberty, and then smash all of the cameras. In the world.

Stephen Rader said...

Master Aaron - Youth (and body tone) are wasted on the young.

Dovajorth said...


Big plans for my birthday...



Celebrating and debauchery another day.

Polt said...

One of the patrons fleeing for thier lives was dressed like Aquaman: orange top, green pants. i wonder if that was intentional. :)

Batsui....gotta love it...

Stephen Rader said...

Doug - Be sure to fill me in on all the debauchery!!!

Polt - I SO hope that was intentional!!! I love that you caught that!